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Post the girl

Back in the day, as noted here, I posited that some wag with the time and...well, time could sit down and analyze the Downs to see just how one could maximize his/her rep. Think of the glory of using algorithms to determine the best thread in which to post to have the highest possibility of getting repped. No more spending hours writing and rewriting a post to see it ignored. Like Doppler storm tracking, one could see on some probability map where and when to post and WHAM! Post and ye shall be repped.

I have started down this path.

Using the list provided in the first post in this thread, I determined the gender of each member. That took some time, and I won't be providing my data as I'm sure that I got more than a few wrong (that, typos and some of you are most likely posers, so...). Using pictures and posts, I tried to determine the sex of each poster, but in some cases there was just no way to know, and so I took the scientific approach and assigned the gender that most supported my results.

Anyway, with 167 males and 133 females (I think), the data indicate that:
  • females rep more, and
  • females rep more than they receive rep

Conclusions? Many, but you form your own.
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