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Valier’s character:

Name: Bella (Bunny) Took


Race: Hobbit

Gender: Female

Weapons: A small wooden bow with 20 small feathered arrows and leather quill.


Bunny is 2'4 and slightly chubby. She has long, curly, unruly, bushy dark brown almost black hair, which she hardly ever wears up. She has bright, sharp, startling dark liquid eyes. Her features are quite dainty, and her cheeks always scarlet, which embarrassed her as a youth. Bunny has always dressed in very unHobbitish coloured dresses, preferring Blues and Purples to the very popular green and yellow of daily Hobbit wear. She always wore a dress, no matter what she was doing, from domestic duties to Romping over the Shire. Her Ma always insisted that she be lady- like and this was the only thing in which Bunny still obeyed her Ma on. Her Ma was always saying things like "Bunny dear mind your manners or try not to chatter too much or don't spill anything..."


Bunny is an exuberant, joyous young Hobbit. She has been known to talk a mile a minute and usually about things others could care less about. She is very outspoken and forward which sometimes makes others uncomfortable. She is considerate of others though, wanting everyone around her to have a good time. She has a bit of a mischievous streak to her and enjoys a little practical joke every once and awhile. Very loyal to her family and friends. She is proficient at most Hobbit activities including cooking (and eating of course) She does not fear water and enjoys wading in up to her waist. She was good with her hands and could start a fire quickly and have food and tea prepared in no time( with minimal burns) when needed. She is very intelligent and enjoys problem solving. She was taught her letters and could read very well and enjoyed reading and telling stories with her Pa. Bunny tends to be a little bit of a daydreamer, which people take as her being flighty. She is extremely clumsy at times due mostly to being preoccupied with something else. She has a fear of heights, which she does not do a good job of hiding.


Bunny is the youngest of four children born to BellaDonna Bracegirdle and Borgo Took. She has 3 brothers Peter at age 58, Hank at age 46 and Henry at age 40. Her family is very overprotective of her, always treating her as a child and nicknaming her Bunny at a small age. Her family is all farmers, raising chickens and pigs and growing vegetables in an impressive garden. All three of her brothers had married respectable and admirable Hobbits and moved to live with their wives. Only her brother Peter still lived close with his wife Balinda, in a hole not too far from their own. Her Ma taught her all the things useful to a Hobbit Lass, like cooking and sewing. She learned writing and archery and farming from her father. Her Ma was constantly correcting Bunny's posture or the condition of her dress. She was the only daughter and she had best be as presentable as possible. Bunny was hardly ever allow to tag along with her brothers, when they did fun un-girlish things. She was always left behind with a book or just her imagination to keep her company.


Valier’s post – FIRST FOR GAME:

The bright afternoon sun beat down upon the young girl’s face, she stifled a yawn and opened her eyes. She lazily watched as clouds slowly drifted by, it was a beautiful spring day in the Shire. A little breeze blew a curly tendril of hair across her face, she made no move to remove it, she sighed and closed her eyes again. "Bunny? Bunny! where have you got to?" The young Hobbit lass sighed again and rolled over trying to hide herself further in the lush green grass. "Bunny Took, you get in here this moment!" she bellowed. " I need you to come set the table. Okay Okay Ma I'm comin' " Bunny protested loudly. She yawned and stretched, smoothed her dress and headed back towards her awaiting Ma.

I told you not to go anywhere, I need your help." "But Ma settin' the table only takes a few seconds and well, it's such a lovely day......and." "And nothing Bunny, just look at the condition of your dress, all covered in grass stains." Belladonna gave a little kicking motion towards her daughter and ushering her inside. "you know your Pa will be home soon and you know how he gets if there isn't food on the table." Bunny stuck out her tongue and made a face hoping her Ma wouldn't see it, which of course she did. "Oh Bunny how unladylike! Now hop to it!" Bunny began to set out the plates and teacups, dropping utensils as she went, her Ma hummed a tune as she stirred a pot on the small fire. Finding this task extremely boring, Bunny began to make a little hill out of sugar on a small side plate she had just set down. Completely engrossed with her little hill, she added more and more until it began to spill onto the freshly washed and set table. " Her Ma's tune stopped short "Oh Bunny look what you've done, why oh why do you insist on doing things like that?" She gave her daughter a stern look as she stared back unabashed. I'll clean up here you go and fetch a few eggs from Old Hazel, she should have a few by now. Bunny shrugged, tossed her hair and skipped out the door. " When will that girl ever get her head outta the clouds....she shook her head and began to wipe the mound of sugar from the table. As Bunny fetched a basket from beside the little bench outside the door her Pa came up the steps dirty and tired from working in the field. She stopped to kiss his dirt streaked cheek then gave a little wave and continued towards the chicken coop.

The coop was dimly lit, but Bunny knew where the old hen Hazel say. She quietly approached the dark corner. " Ok Hazel...You don't like me and I don't like you, but Mama needs some eggs." The hen clucked and looked like she was about to lift off her eggs. Bunny made a quick lunge towards the eggs, but Hazel had other plans. She reached out and seized Bunny's out stretched fingers in her sharp beak, breaking the skin. " Ouch you ol' cow! Git over!" she shoved the hen and pulled three warm eggs from the nest and put them gently into the basket.She eyed the fluster hen once more then shut the door. Storming into the house sucking her injured fingers, Bunny's lightly hairy foot tripped over the mat in the hall and sent her sprawling onto the floor. She just barely caught the basket of hard fought eggs with her fingertips. " Bunny dear are you alright?" Bunny smiled and nodded, she scrambled to her feet and joined her parents at the table.

“You really must do something with that old cow, she bit me again." "Old cow?.... Oh Hazel, yes she really is a nasty Ol' piece of work, isn't she." "Yes she is and I swear she's got it out for me." “Bella don't talk with your mouth full" Pa said as he buttered his bread. He was the only one who called her Bella and she loved him all the more for it. " So I hear you want to take a trip to Buckland?" He said, putting the now fried egg onto his bread. "When did you want me to take you? Or I guess Peter could take you." “Pa I know I act a little silly at times, but I am almost of age, You know I can handle myself, and I know the way." Yes Bella" He said as he reached for her hand," I know that you are not always so silly." Her Ma frowned and began to protest. "Now BellaDonna, she is old enough and she does know the way. How long shall you be gone and who shall you stay with?" " well not long I suppose perhaps a week? And I shall stay with that lovely hobbit Tansy, the one who tells the most intriguing stories. I'll be back before you know it." “Well I still think there is no reason to go by yourself" exclaimed Belladonna. “Well Love" her pa said lovingly to his wife, "She won't be a little lass forever." Bunny grinned as honey slipped down her chin.

Lying in her bed with the lamp blown out that night, Bunny went over her plans in her head." Ok so I head to Buckland, find Tansy and try to convince her to come with me, I am sure she will. She should hopefully be able to help with getting us more supplies and more food, if I take too much from here they will know I plan to be gone more than a week and they'll question my going. I have a map of the Shire from one of Pa's books, I have a coil of rope, cooking gear... boy will Ma kill me when she finds out their gone. I must take my bow with me just in case. I can hide it in my travelling cloak and stash it before I go. Then after we top off our supplies... We're Off!!! to adventure and to make the search I have always dreamt of taking. To find the Female treeherders. To find the Entwives, if there is any. She had heard many stories of the Master Peregrin Took and his friend Meriadoc Brandybuck, who had met the great Treeherders the Ents and had talked to the great treebeard who told them of the Entwives and their long search for them. They would like the Shire he said and Bunny was sure they would too. She had heard rumors of a Treeman long ago being seen in the North Moors, and that was where she was headed. She would see for herself if they were there or not... Or if they had indeed vanished from this world.With her mind still racing she lay awake, far into the night. The next day would be the beginning of Bunny Tooks greatest adventure.
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