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Character Bio:

NAME: Browning (Brown) Barrabury

AGE: 37

RACE: Hobbit


WEAPONS: Oak staff; Sling and stones; A strange and ancient knife, which he discovered while out rambling

APPEARANCE: An extraordinarily ordinary-looking hobbit. He is about 3' 7" and has dark brown hair and greenish-brownish eyes (whatever color that is). He wears, alternatively, dark green breeches and a brown shirt, or brown breeches and a dark green shirt. In either case, he also wears a wide leather belt, a practical tan waist-coat, and his shirt sleeves rolled up past the elbows.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: He is, as stated above, ordinary and boring. If anything, he is, perhaps, somewhat quieter than other hobbits, but only because he listens and thinks a great deal. His philosophic disposition also sets him apart, to some extent. When he does speak, it is generally well thought out and intelligent. He rarely displays noticeable signs of sadness, and is characteristically a very cheerful, calm fellow. Being intelligent, however, he can be critical of foolishness in others, and is quick to silently identify stupid hobbits, though he is equally critical of himself. In many cases, he can be actually over-critical of himself. Fortunately, his critical nature usually manifests itself in a broad and quick sense of humor. He is swift to defend things dear to him, and always sticks to his guns.

HISTORY: Several centuries prior to the War of the Ring, the Barrabury clan moved to the Shire from Bree-land, where they burrowed near within sight of the Barrow-downs. His father is Banning Barrabury, and his mother is Emma Brandybuck. The family is very closely related to the Brandybucks, among whom Brown has many friends and cousins. The Barraburys of the Shire lived in Bywater until their holes were dug up during the War of the Ring. The families then dispersed. Some, like Brown's family, went east to Willowbottom and Buckland. Some rebuilt in Bywater and Hobbiton, and a very few moved back to Bree-land. On the whole, however, most of the Barraburys agree that the Shire is far more pleasant and civilized than Bree. Brown moved out on his own when he turned 33, to make his own way in the world. He lives in Woodhall, where he works at a variety of trades: lumberjack, shepherd, farm hand, stable boy, inn server, and cook, depending on the season. He lives there alone in a rather small hole, and spends most of his spare time in the hills and forests. He is an expert outdoorsman and hiked the entire circumference of the Shire alone when he was 25. His family and younger sisters live at Willowbottom, where he still visits them when he passes through on his frequent walking expeditions to the south Bounds. Currently, he is hiking his way to Buckland, where he has friends.
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