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Name: Rufus (Rudy) Hilldweller from Buckland

Age: 38

Race: Hobbit

Gender: Male

Weapons: Ash staff

Appearance: He was tall compared to hobbit measures and had a curly black mop for hair. He was also lean, another unusual trait for a hobbit.

Personality: Contrary to his appearance, Rudy is really a simple, ordinary hobbit. He just wants to continue living his simple hobbit life. Since he never seemed to care about grand adventures, or the outside world (plus he was usually very polite), everyone who met him often revered him with great respect. However, beneath those desires, there still dwelt the flame of the youthful childhood he never had.

Rudy can get quite grumpy and irritable at times. Anyone who knows him, thinks that he does too much and tries too hard. Rudy gets very little sleep. His friend always tell him he needs a break, a rest, but he rarely ever listens (another problem he often has).

History: Rufus Hilldweller, son of Hugo Hilldweller and Rosemary Chubb. Rosemary had died while giving birth to Rudy's much younger sibling (18 years younger to be exact) Mira. Hugo was a shiriff, and he took his wife's death hard. Everyday he would return home, lock himself in his room and stay in his room until he fell asleep. While Hugo never harmed Mira, Rudy believed he blamed Mira for Rosemary's death (which may have had some truth to it). But, Mira looked a lot like her mother, and Hugo couldn't look at her without being reminded of his wife.

This caused Rudy to be very protective of his young sister (Mira of course believed he was, at times, too protective). Rudy would do anything for Mira and there was a great bond between them. Even though, Mira never liked being told 'No,' she knew Rudy just didn't want anything bad to happen to her.


I see there was something about perhaps a younger sister hobbit being a possible character? If Val has no objections, and if anyone is interested, feel free to take Rudy's younger sister . If anyone does want to take "Mira" feel free to change her name, info, whatever and I can change my bio to make everything fit. If not, that's fine too.
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