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Well none of ye have been around, and me bio is mostly finished. So I'll here post it...

Finduilas's character

NAME: Mira Hilldweller

AGE: 20

RACE: Hobbit

GENDER: Female


APPEARANCE: 3’3" She has a very jovial face, with light brown, curly, long hair, and brown eyes. She is round but not particularly fat. Prefers light buttery yellows and moss green as dress colors, with brown accents.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Skittish of anything behind her that she can’t see, and is liable to squeak if she is touched unexpectedly. She dislikes being teased, and so rarely teases anyone else. She is generally happy and carefree, and is mostly unadventurous.

HISTORY: Mira’s mother died at her birth. Her father, Hugo Hilldweller, seemed to some to blame Mira for Rosemary’s, her mother, death, and therefore was slightly cold towards Mira. Mira’s older brother Rufus was extremely protective of Mira, occasionally to a point of being annoying. Rufus, or Rudy as he was usually called, was 18 years older that Mira, therefore he was very fit for the job. Mira, though as afore said occasionally annoyed by Rudy, loves him greatly, and would follow him around on occasion.


Should I changer her appearance or personality? Or at least her personality?
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