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Kitanna is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Kitanna is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Name: Peony Chubb

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Race: Hobbit

Weapons: A small knife she tends to keep tucked away unless some great need arises and an oak walking stick.

Appearance: Peony is around 2’8” and of a pretty average weight. She has a bright and cheery face with pink cheeks and rarely wears a frown. Her hair is a light brown that falls in a mass over curls, usually into her green eyes. Peony prefers to wear dark greens and light blues on occasion. When the mood strikes her she can sometimes be seen out in vibrant red.

Personality: Peony is an ordinary and well-mannered. She tends to be shy and even a bit withdrawn at times, but she is quick to make friends and even defend them if need be. Despite her shyness and relatively ordinary life, Peony has always felt a great want to travel. Though few saw that side of her, it always set her apart from her siblings and close friends.

History: Peony is the daughter of Sancho and Melilot Chubb. She is the middle child of three, Hamfast (40) and Nick (30). The family had always lived quite happily in Buckland. Near Peony’s twenty-second birthday Sancho died quite unexpectedly. It was up to Peony and her brothers to care for their mother until she fully recovered from the death of her husband. Years passed and slowly Melilot returned to her old self, but every once in a while she lapses into her depression over Sancho. But with a relative return to normalcy Peony is again feeling the tug to travel where she can.
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