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Legate of Amon Lanc is spying on the Black Gate.Legate of Amon Lanc is spying on the Black Gate.Legate of Amon Lanc is spying on the Black Gate.Legate of Amon Lanc is spying on the Black Gate.Legate of Amon Lanc is spying on the Black Gate.Legate of Amon Lanc is spying on the Black Gate.
And here's mine.

NAME: Michael (Mishka) Smallburrow

AGE: 28 (born 16th Astron)

RACE: Hobbit


WEAPONS: Staff of cherrywood, pocket-knife (used mainly against mushrooms)

APPEARANCE: Light brown wavy hair, (very) dark eyes; he's not much tall for a hobbit of his age, but he is quite stumpy (but in fact, he is muscular rather than fat). His favourite color of clothing is yellow, generally along with brown (boots and/or breeches). He's got also an old, worn-out red hat that belonged to his grandfather, which he does not normally wear (but carries it along with him).

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: In general, Michael is rather quiet and some could say shy. Avoids conflict with others; if he were to voice his opinions aloud in front of someone who does not agree, he'd rather remain quiet. He is not very good at lying and does that very rarely. He loves mushrooms, even for a hobbit maybe too much. He knows all kinds of mushrooms and knows which ones are edible. Whenever he can, he makes trips with his basket; searching for mushrooms makes him forget everything else - it often happened to him that he got lost while picking mushrooms. If there is anything he loves more than mushrooms, then it's snow - Michael dreams that one day he's going to travel somewhere far, far away, where snow is plenty (he's got a naive impression that there must be fields full of snow in the North. He also has the naive imaginaton that lands outside the Shire look totally alien). Although he is almost in his thirties, sometimes he catches the mood when he is very childish and playful. "Look at him," his father says always when he's displeased by Michael's behavior, "he's in his tweens, his wit is one of a teen-ager and he behaves as if he was not more than ten years old." That's quite fitting description, indeed.
Michael has little other practical skills. He cannot swim and is horrified by water. He can cook, but only as well as every hobbit can. He is a good and tough walker, though, and he is also quite strong for a hobbit of his size.

HISTORY: Michael's father, Bartholomew Smallburrow, is a postman. There is a sort of family aversion to their members becoming Shiriffs for several generations; Michael's uncle (younger brother of his father) Richard Smallburrow is a "black sheep" because he became a Shiriff at the Eastfarthing. Bartholomew Smallburrow, his wife Rosamunda (both 63 years old) and their children Michael, Gilly (21) and Theobald (18) live in Hobbitton. Lately, Michael is spending more time at his grandfather Sam who lives in Frogmorton/Budgeford*, because the parents don't have enough time to care of all the children and Michael is not the one who would be of much help to them. There is a hope and expectation by both the parents and partially Michael himself (the grandfather does not think of that much) that he's going to find himself a further job there. This far, nothing like that happened; but instead sometimes uncle Richard appeared to visit his father, which concerned Michael's parents. This far, their concern was baseless, for Michael has no aim to become a Shiriff - although while at his grandfather's, Michael is spending quite a lot of time wandering around (and looking for mushrooms). At least, as his father says, this could make him a good messenger if there was no other job for him. As it was said, Michael is a good walker and when he was younger, he sometimes made even two-day trips from Hobbitton, but after one horrific experience, this ceased: When Michael was 18 years old, he got lost in the Rushock Bog and believes he saw a Mewlip there; from that time, he is very scared of the place.

*Will be decided depending on the course of the journey. If possible, I would like to pick the place where the company is NOT planning to pass through in the first place.
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