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Celuien agreed on the former Eorling Mead Hall thread to allow these characters to be carried along by the other players:

NAME: Garstan

AGE: 35

RACE: Human, Rohirric

GENDER: male

WEAPONS: stoneshapers’ tools, handy with a knife

APPEARANCE: About 6 feet. Blonde, blue eyed. Weathered appearance from years of working outdoors. Hands thickly callused from laboring over stone. Wears plain, simple clothing.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Garstan is a quiet, retiring sort, more accustomed to the company of his stonework than of people. For that reason, he tends to be uncomfortable in crowds or among strangers. However, once he finds a friend, he is deeply loyal and, while still reticent with regard to expressing emotions, can be warm and open if his trust has been gained. He has gradually learned to put himself forward to others, though his sense of awkwardness can ironically make him appear impulsive or overbearing when he makes the effort too strongly. He makes up for this failing by trying to be proper and polite. He is analytical and precise, both in his work and thought processes – he is a classic perfectionist. That coupled with his quiet manner can give the false impression that he is cold and distant, though in reality, nothing could be further from the truth, which is that his careful exterior masks deep feeling. He is devoted to and highly protective of his two children. On the downside, he can be gloomy and pessimistic if the mood strikes him, and if sufficiently provoked while in such a mood, can lash out unexpectedly.

HISTORY: Garstan was born and spent most of his life in the distant reaches of Rohan’s Wold region. Always possessed of a wandering spirit, he gladly went for an apprenticeship in stoneshaping near the borders of Gondor as an adolescent. After completing his training, he returned to the Wold, plying his trade as best as he could in a sparsely settled area. The low demand for his craft caused him to take on a nearly nomadic existence, always in search of work, and to learn the skills of other craftsmen he encountered. Thus, by the age of 22, he was something of a jack-of-all-trades, though his true gift remained remained in stonework.

Garstan’s wandering existence made it difficult for him to settle into a family life. However, at 23, he wed the daughter of one of his employers and set up a small shop as a general handyman and stoneshaper. The desire to roam the countryside was always in the back of his mind, but he didn’t feel the inclination to do so while his family was growing.

His wife died after ten years of marriage. After that, the old wandering spirit returned to him, and seeing nothing left to keep him in their old home, he sold off his household effects and took his children on a wandering path through Rohan.

After a year and a half of unsettledness, Garstan began to realize that roaming the countryside was not the best life for the father of two small children. He then set for Edoras, planning to settle there and hoping to make a reputation as a stoneshaper. A broken cart stopped his journey as it neared its completion, and he found his way to Lord Eodwine’s Mead Hall.


NAME: Lčođern

AGE: 5

RACE: Human, Rohirric

GENDER: female


APPEARANCE: About 3 and a half feet tall. Glossy, strawberry ringlets that run wildly over her shoulders. Bright, twinkling blue eyes. A bundle of motion. Can be located quickly by her constant talking and laughter.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Lčođern is adorability taken to its furthest extreme. Chattery, friendly, and energetic, she has a way of endearing herself to almost everyone she meets. While doted on by her father and brother, she’s not the stereotypical spoiled child. Any trouble she causes is unintentional, usually the result of her irrepressible high spirits; she is unfailingly and genuinely sorry afterwards. Warm and affectionate to anyone who treats her kindly.

HISTORY: The daughter of Garstan the stoneshaper, Lčođern has little memory of life before her father’s wanderings in their cart. While she has had few contacts other than her father and brother, she has never been lonely or unhappy thanks to her unfailingly sunny disposition and their constant attention. Life at the Mead Hall has been a new experience for her, made all the more exciting and wonderful by her instant friendship with Linduial.


NAME: Garmund

AGE: 9

RACE: Human, Rohirric

GENDER: male


APPEARANCE: Blonde, blue eyed, tall for his age at 5 feet even. Has a thoughtful, introspective manner with occasional hints of sadness, unless Lčođern’s infectious cheeriness has caused him to adopt her energy.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Garmund is quite strongly the younger version of his father, with a little more impulsiveness and more of a tendency to join in Lčođern’s fun and games. Tends to be very protective of Lčođern, has something of a ‘man-of-the-family’ complex. Bright. Gifted in stonework.

HISTORY: Garmund is Garstan’s oldest child. He has memories of the home the stoneshaper’s family inhabited before the death of his mother. This accounts for the occasional sad, far-away manner he takes on. His gift for stoneshaping was discovered by his proud father two years ago, and he eagerly looks forward to taking on the role of an apprentice in the next few years.


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