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I haven't been on the Downs in ages and apparently my account has disappeared during one of the reincarnations of the site . . . . . so, I'd like to repost the character I'd designed for the Inn.

& piosenniel, would you please link my name to this post and not the previous one. Thanks!!!!


NAME: Miribelle Rushybanks

AGE: A respectable 65 or so

RACE: Hobbit, mostly of the Fallohide strain

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: She carries a rather large carpetbag she made herself - one with a variety of necessary objects, large and small, tucked tightly within. ‘One never knows when a mathom might be needed!’ is her thought It could hardly be called a weapon, but were she to swing at someone and her bag connect soundly, the poor ‘someone’ might feel as if they had the stuffing quite thoroughly knocked out of them.

APPEARANCE: Tall and slender, carries herself with a certain authority. Fair skin, pale blue eyes, graying honey blond curls held back from her face with a dark blue and green striped gross-grain ribbon. Favors dark green skirts with a navy vest and crisp white blouse beneath.

PERSONALITY: Reserved; appreciates good manners and all those sorts of things that make easy a social interaction. Respectful of others; she expects the best of others and for the most part is not let down. Has a good sense of humor, loves a good joke or even the good-natured prank. She’s a gentle-lady Hobbit with sure sense of herself, of her expectations, her strengths, and of course her short comings.

HISTORY: She is a spinster, both by the fact she has never married and because her life long occupation has been centered about the spinning of wool and the weaving of fabrics. Her fabrics are much prized by the local community of Stock.

She has a little sandy colored, brown eyed pony named Cookie.

She ran a Dame School for many years for the neighboring children. But these later years she has devoted herself fully to her spinning and weaving and has opened a small fabric shop in the village where she offers for sale or barter both her fabrics and those of other weavers in the community.


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