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Lilly has just left Hobbiton.
Here are my characters for your consideration. Arry will be bringing his character (Vitr) in soon.

We'll both play the child characters as secondaries.


Lilly’s characters:


NAME: Lys Silverfist

AGE: 87

RACE: Dwarf - Firebeard House

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: Her quick wit. Does have a knife she uses for skinning. Wields a big marble rolling pin when she bakes – a good, stout clout from it could put a healthy dent in a foe’s skull or hobble him if aimed at the kneecaps

APPEARANCE: About 4 ft tall, sturdy build, coppery red hair worn in two long plaits down her back. Round, pleasant face; brown eyes. Favors dark blue, woolen dresses, mid-calf length. Soft, dark brown leather knee-high boots. Supple leather knee-length apron with three spacious pockets – worn for cooking and working on her little enameled jewelry pieces.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Even tempered for the most part; does have a spark of the well-known fiery temper of the Firebeards when pushed too hard. Good sense of humor; loves to sing. Good cook; deft hand working precious metals into intricate pieces of jewelry. Her strength is rooted in her family; they are also her greatest weakness as she would do anything to keep them safe.

HISTORY: Lys’ family, the Forgefires, were part of a small bevy of Firebeards who affiliated themselves with the Longbeards in Erebor. She married Vitr Silverfist of the Longbeard House when she was 70 years old. Their first child, a daughter, died in infancy. She had little hope of having another, it seemed, as the years passed without a child blossoming in her belly. At the age of 80, by the grace of Mahal, she and Vitr became the parents of a lively pair of twins - Tív and Tíva When the children were 2 years old, she and Vitr moved south with those of the Longbeard House who were seeking to reclaim Khazad-dum. Tales of gems and vast veins of true-silver made them hopeful that they could build up a bit of wealth for their family.



NAME: Tív Silverfist

AGE: 7

RACE: Dwarf – Longbeard House


WEAPONS: slingshot; stout wood short sword

APPEARANCE: Wiry build, about 2 ˝ ft tall; dark chestnut hair worn short, above his collar, usually tousled. Brown eyed. Wears tunics and short leg breeches – old and tattered, comfortable, if not directed otherwise by his mother.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Bright, cheerful personality; inquisitive. Energetic; likes to go on ‘adventures’. Sometimes exceeds the limits of his abilities and winds up getting hurt. Loves sweets. His sister is his best friend and confidante.

HISTORY: Does not recall much of his first two years or the travel from Erebor to Khazad-dűm. These five years since his family’s arrival at the halls beneath the three great peaks have been filled with adventure and delight.



NAME: Tíva Silverfist

AGE: 7

RACE: Dwarf – Longbeard House

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: Quick on her feet; an expert at hide-and-seek; slingshot and a bag of rounded pebbles of various sizes.

APPEARANCE: Same build as her brother – wiry, about 2 ˝ feet tall. Her hair is chestnut, also, but with a few more fiery highlights than her brother’s. She wears it long, in two thick braids. Prefers the same tunics and short-leg breeches as her brother. Will, with some coaxing, put on a dress for special occasions.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: She is for the most part a sunny-dispositioned child, but one who is more reticent than her brother. A cautious person. Willing to go on adventures, but likes to have something of a ‘plan’ in place. She has a wicked sense of humor at times and loves to pull practical jokes on her family. She finds her brother an especially gullible target.

HISTORY: Does not differ much from her brother’s. She loves her brother fiercely and will defend him with words, and fists if need be.

“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.” – Gimli, Fellowship of the Ring

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