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Name: Iari
Age: 10
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Weapons: A slingshot, but she constantly misplaces her pebbles thus making the slingshot useless.
Appearance: She's about two feet tall, very stocky build. She wears long dark brown hair in one thick braid.
Personality/Strengths/Weaknesses: She's shy and can be a bit flighty at times, but she clings to her older brother. However, she's terrified of her grandfather because of his temper and often seeks to hide from him.
History: Iari is the younger sister of KÚni. They hailed from Erebor and are the children of KÚndrin and Ai who migrated from the Blue Mountains after the Battle of Five Armies. Ai died shortly after Iari's birth so the girl has no real memory of her. For two years KÚndrin, son of KÚnan, raised his children alone delighting in their presence yet silently grieving for his dead wife. KÚndrin died under mysterious circumstances leaving his daughter to only have faint memories of her father. After KÚndrin's death her grandfather KÚnan took Iari and KÚni in, eventually moving them with him to Khazad-Dum. Iari has never been particularly close with her grandfather. Because of her shyness she's always found KÚnan's temper terrifying, though KÚnan rarely directs his anger toward the young girl she still feels that somehow his anger is meant for her.


(Secondary character with Folwren)
Name: KÚni
Age: 20
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Weapons: KÚni inherited his father's ax after KÚndrin's death, though his grandfather does not feel he is old enough to use it. He also retains a slingshot and bag of pebbles, as well as keeping his sister's bag in his keeping.
Appearance: He has the same thick brown hair as Iari. He keeps it long enough to keep it in a short braid. He is continually growing and has the stocky build of his family.
Personality/Strengths/Weaknesses: He is a protective older brother, but can be overbearing to Iari and often acts much older than his age.
History: He has better memories of his parents than Iari, but his memories of Ai are not as clear as his memories of KÚndrin. In the first few years after KÚndrin's KÚni was a bit unruly and was quite the troublemaker. His behavior caused KÚnan to lose his temper on several occasions. KÚni grew accustomed to KÚnan and his temper, under his grandfather's wing the young dwarf began to learn discipline. KÚni is much closer to his grandfather than Iari and is often acting as a go between for his shy sister and grumpy grandfather. He often imagined KÚnan's temper toward him in their first years together had a profound effect on Iari and that was why she feared their grandfather.


Folwren and I have been working out a plan for our characters. We were thinking of having KÚni die at some point before the untimely end of the rest. We haven't figured out how yet, so we're waiting to see how the story progresses.

"Let us live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry." - Mark Twain

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