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Although it would be thrilling to have Boro's character just escaping the clutches of the Orcs.~Groin
I could do that.


Name: Gror

Age: 95

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Weapons: skilled with a long bow, carries a two-handed poleax from his father

Appearance: Gror is slightly below average height, but stout and broad-shouldered. His dark-brown hair (as well as his beard) hang down below his waist. Prefers wearing a leather cap rather than a steel helmet.

Personality: Like most dwarves Gror does not easily forget past grievances. He distrusts Elves, but most of all hates Orcs. He is not the fastest dwarf, but is still quick (according to dwarvish standards), and a high endurance that has not been matched by any dwarf in Erebor. However, some of Gror's ideas are unpopular amongst other dwarves. For example, Gror has taken a particular liking to Men (especially their women), and loves to talk amongst Men every chance he gets. In fact, to other dwarves, it appears that Gror would rather be akin to Men, than his own kind.

History: Gror was born in 2899 of the Third Age. He has no siblings and his father Bror served in King Dain's personal guard, up until his death two years ago; because of that, Gror's family was wealthy and well respected. After receiving word Bror had died, King Dain offered Gror the chance of serving as a messenger of the King. Gror, gladly accepted the position. Even though some would grumble the reason he got the opportunity was because of his father, no dwarf could argue Gror was not capable of performing his duties well. In fact, a lot of dwarves in Erebor would probably tell you Gror was the best dwarf for the job.

However, Gror's own personal ambitions were to follow in the steps of his father. His ultimate dream would be to serve in King Dain's personal guard, but he knew even though he was quite the marksman, he would have to learn to wield an axe better if he had any chance of that dream. So, he took out his father's axe and would practice with it everyday.

Until one day, King Dain approached Gror with some new orders: Go to Moria and speak with the Lord Balin. Then return to Erebor and report back to him on the colonization of Moria. It seemed to Gror like a pretty straight forward task, but he saw it as his first real chance at proving himself to the King. Before this opportunity, Gror had mostly been sent, as an emissary, to Dale. But now he would be making a journey all the way to Moria, and would be speaking with the Lord Balin himself.


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