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Character Bio

Name: Dalin

Age: 100 (Estimated.)

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Weapons: Dalin carries a large single-headed ax, complemented by a walking stick which is very dear to him.

Appearance: Dalin is a middle-aged dwarf of average height and small build. His hair is of a light brown hue, and his beard is short for his kind. Not considered particularly attractive amongst other dwarves, he has puffy cheeks, a furrowed brow, and a deep, booming laugh.

Personality: Dalin is friendly, boisterous, and proud. He believes that he can take on any task, no matter how great, and is rarely proven wrong because he has actually done very little in his life. Never having fought in a battle, he nonetheless considers himself a skilled warrior. He often boasts (or outright lies) about various exploits to compensate for his insecurity regarding his lack of combat prowess. He is very loyal to his friends, but has never had to put himself in harms way to protect them. He may be a coward at heart, or may possess a deep inner strength; only time will tell. Dalin is, however, a relatively skilled craftsmen of arms and armor, prefering to spend his days in the forge rather than hunting or exploring.

History: Dalin was born on an uncertain day to parents unknown. To the best of his knowledge, they either died or disappeared when he was too young to remember. He grew up as an orphan in the Iron Hills, and was cared for by a number of different families. Unfortunately, he never grew close to any of them; the forge was always his home. He did make many friends while growing up in the Hills, and eventually migrated to Erebor. Failing to marry (though not for lack of trying), Dalin has yet to father any children. As his friends slowly drifted away from Erebor to travel and seek better fortune, he decided to follow Balin to retake Moria. He has worked mostly repairing the arms and armor of Balin's force, and has thus far yet to kill a foe in battle. With rumors growing of orcs in the region, Dalin is beginning to worry that his decision to travel to Moria was a faulty one.


Can't wait to start playing; let me know if any edits are required/advised.



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