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Name: Adela
Age: 52
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female

Weapons: Kitchen knives and a wit just as sharp.

Appearance: Adela is of middling height and lean build with a hungry face and thick black hair. While her cloth is poor and her dress is plain, the fierce spark in her brown eyes ensures she never goes unnoticed.

Personality: Proud, willful, and distrustful, Adela doesn't give the best first impression. Her tongue is biting, mocking the very things most dwarves find most admirable -gold, spirits, the virtues of the mine. Her penchant for "borrowing" things gets her into trouble, though not as often as it used to. She's slow to trust, and nurses a grudge with an heated iron unquenchable by air or water. But her pride in equal measure drives her to continually better her craft and her mind. No one judges Adela more harshly than she does. Once she trusts, she trusts with her whole soul, giving of her kindness and loyalty to the utmost measure. She's especially gentle with children, although she does a good job of trying not to show it.

History: Though she wasn't alive at the time, Adela was in a way a casualty of the Battle of Five Armies. Her father, a lieutenant in the service of Dain, was felled by a warg and her mother died in childbirth on the same day. Shifted around from one set of relations to the next, she earned repute for being a hellion and a pickpocket. Her escapades punted her from the Iron Hills to Erebor to even Esgaroth for a little while. When an elderly uncle with a sardonic sensibility to match her own offered her a place, though, she stayed. Adela found a home in his kitchen, where one could slice and press and roast things with delicious consequences, where taking an extra apple from the larder never ended in a beating. She learned fast, becoming quite the cook for only an apprentice, although she was often jokingly told that she was far too skinny for her profession. After her uncle's death there wasn't much to hold her in Erebor, and even though she stayed on to serve the cousins who moved in, it was a great relief to both her and their nerves when the expedition to Moria was announced.

Although she still has something of a reputation for willfulness and a checkered youth, Adela has thrived in Dwarrowdelf these last six years, finally able to breathe in a new place away from her kin and with home for herself. So dear has it become to her that she stubbornly refuses to see the danger she might be in if she remains.


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