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Okay, after pondering whether to take one or not, as I did also on this thread, I have decided that it will be good for me to take a secondary character after all. I have been talking about this to Lommy at least, and she approved. It will be really just a secondary character, but he will be around, and I am planning for him to survive longer than Óin, so I can have somebody to play even after Óin dies

NAME: Onli

AGE: 126

RACE: Dwarf of Durin's Folk


WEAPONS: Onli carries a short iron spear with him, but very often, he walks around unarmed. The spear is just a simple weapon he packed with himself on the journey. After the invasion becomes apparent, he picks a heavy two-handed mattock.

APPEARANCE: Onli is sturdy, rather fat, with a tanned skin. His hair and beard are both short and red, his eyes in deep sockets are dark brown. He often wears a green hooded cloak, big brown boots and a brown belt with a large golden buckle. He has a pretty big pouch filled with gems behind his belt, and another one in the back, usually hidden from the sight of others. In an inside pocket of his cloak, he keeps his greatest treasure – a shard of mitril. He does not prefer to wear armor, but if need be, he can be persuaded to take on some.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Onli is very good in counting, especially when it means counting profit (even in metaphorical terms), has some good diplomacy skills and is very good in appraising valuable things, jewels, gems etc. just by sight. His dominant character traits are greed and cowardice, mixed together in the well-balanced way for Onli to survive and at the same moment to gain the most profit from his situation. His behavior, which is more calculative than friendly, has made him many contacts, but very few friends (and some people who dislike him a bit... or a lot).

HISTORY: Onli comes from a family of simple miners. He had a brother and a sister, but as soon as he could, he went on his own and practically cut all the ties with the family. He started in the Blue Mountains as a helper of one of the local „trade managers“, a Dwarven caravan master Vill. He got his hands close to the preparations of the Quest for Erebor (being one of the very few who knew about it from very early) and several years earlier, even to the mysterious quest of Dúvi of the Firebeards, which was a big subject of gossip back then. After the reoccupation of Erebor, Onli quickly sniffed the opportunity to make a quick profit and moved to King Dáin's realm. Unfortunately for him, Dáin had already his own closest counsellors for the things concerning trade, mining and finances in general. Had Thorin been the King, Onli would have surely managed to gain an important position next to him. Still, he managed to profit well on the activities connected with rebuilding the Kingdom and Dale. However, he was not content. And thus, when the gossip about return to Moria started to go around, he was most excited and tried to subtly manipulate people around him, pulling the strings of the many contacts he had, working both ways for making it possible to go and at the same time trying to work upon discouraging the higher places from any kind of „official“ recolonisation. This way, he wanted to ensure that neither of King Dáin's most important „financial advisors“ is among the first ones to go, and when it seemed clear that Balin will be the one to lead the colonists, Onli was fast to offer his services to oversee the administration of the mining (if there will be any) and listing all the loot and hoard that is going to be found (if there will be any). Listing, counting profit, appreciating found treasures, that's what he did, and he was among those to encourage the most the search for mitril. When some has finally been found, Onli was there and it pleased him to take the a shard, a share of the first profit for himself.

PET - Vriti, ferret: Onli has a pet: his sparking orange-furred (with three black strips on the back) Eastern mountain ferret Vriti, who is over six years old and traveled with him here from as far as Erebor, where he bought it once from an animal tamer from Dale. Vriti has shiny green eyes, sneaky and sometimes aggressive nature and has big dislike for strangers, and for several Dwarves whose smell she probably dislikes. Often, when being with Onli, she sleeps curled on his shoulder or around his neck. Vriti is most probably the only creature Onli cares about (though if Vriti cares about Onli more than because he gives him food is unknown), and surely the only companion he often has.

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