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Right I've written one of the bio's so I'll post that and then get back to you with the other soon.

Here be Svior - my male Dwarf:

Name: Svior

Age: 130

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Weapons: Svior’s preferred weapon is his single edged axe with which he is extremely capable. He will and can fight with anything else to hand but upon entering battle it is always his axe that he will reach for first. He does also carry a dagger and a shield.

Appearance: Average height but a slightly less stocky build than most, which gives the false impression of inferior strength. Has a mane of dark hair and a dark beard, both of which are wound into a tight braid. His eyes are a deep brown and gentle unless seen in the heat of battle. Svior practically lives in his armour but if he is out of it he wears a sturdy dark coloured tunic, always with a belt around to hold his axe.

Personality/strengths/weaknesses: Svori has always been quite extroverted and as such he is well liked and has many acquaintances. Much of his time is spent singing and talking about past battles or simply the occurrences of everyday life. However, despite this there are few that he calls true friend and it is only the most loyal and trustworthy that gain this honour. In deference to keeping the peace between all those he knows he does not make this distinction obvious.

He does not have a hot temper but is easily drawn into disputes because of his innate curiosity. This same curiosity has led him into many different avenues in life. He has tried deep study, musical appreciation, smithwork, mining and other occupations but has found it difficult to settle on any one course because he is always interested in the next thing.

His ease with his fellow Dwarves extends to the women as well among whom he has always been popular as he treats them as he would any male, only with a little more good natured teasing. There is one specific woman, Hepti, whom he has his eye on and has done for some time, and it is for her sake that he is currently forcing himself to concentrate fully on improving his mining skills.

History: Svori spent most of his youth learning many skills to a certain level but none to true Dwarvish standards of perfection. None bar fighting, that is, which he greatly enjoys and thus practised the most. However, in recent years he has found himself smitten by Hepti who is not quite so smitten with him, and who has demanded that he make something of himself before he approaches her. Upon finding out that Hepti would be part of the group setting out to retake Moria Svori bent to the task of becoming a good enough miner to join the company. With such an incentive he soon found himself much improved and entitled to be a part of the mission.

Great udders of disappointment!

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