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Legate of Amon Lanc has passed beneath the Argonath.Legate of Amon Lanc has passed beneath the Argonath.Legate of Amon Lanc has passed beneath the Argonath.Legate of Amon Lanc has passed beneath the Argonath.Legate of Amon Lanc has passed beneath the Argonath.Legate of Amon Lanc has passed beneath the Argonath.
Fine now, Groin And now, here comes Lóni - we should be complete now:

NAME: Lóni

AGE: 224

RACE: Dwarf of the house of Durin


WEAPONS: A simple shortbow with twenty arrows. The arrowheads are ones made by a smith* in the recaptured Moria. Lóni is a good „sniper“, but for possible close-combat he never forgets to carry a flangless light mace with him, which is not very different from a simple club.

APPEARANCE: Lóni is a bit taller than an average Dwarf, even perhaps an inch or two taller than his brother, even though being the younger one. Like his brother's, his beard is golden, and his one eye is mild grey. He lost his right eye during the Battle of the Five Armies, being slashed (just „touched“, almost, but enough to damage his eye) by an axe – probably Dwarven one, though carried by a goblin. He still has a scar running from the root of his nose towards his right cheek.

Lóni does not have as much liking of jewelry like his brother does, although he wears two silver rings on his fingers. He likes to wear bright yellow cloak with orange hood, since his coming to Moria he wears it over a simple leather armor. Into the battle, he carries a hauberk of bright mail hanging down to his knees and a helmet covering the sides of his head and his nose, and it has a round-shaped honey-yellow stone set in the forehead covering. The helmet is a part of treasure found in Moria, protected from goblin loots by lying along with its former owner in a deep cistern near the entrance to deep mines under Caradhras. Lóni always cares about his arms and armor to be in a perfect condition.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Lóni is an outgoing fellow, friendly and kind to those around him, ready to support them with a helpful remark. He does not have as much wisdom and knowledge as his brother has, nor has he had the patience to study old tomes and scrolls, but he remembers a lot from what his brother had ever told him. When being in a leading place, he tries to do the job well, but at the same time keeping friendly attitude to everyone. He does not desperately wish to lead, but he often ends up in such a position and knows what to do. He is not too talkative, but he knows when it is right to say a few words. Lóni gets hardly ever angry, and overall it is unusual for him to show strong emotions, though his mere presence can be supportive for many.

HISTORY: Lóni was the born the same year when dragon fire descended on the Dwarven kingdom of Erebor. Perhaps this is why his parents both saw Lóni as being born in the times of strife for all Dwarves as a sign of hope, that there will be things which will continue despite all sorrows of the world. Certainly, during all his life, despite the fact that he was not lucky in finding himself a wife, Lóni made his parents and many Dwarves around himself happy. With recounting old tales he learned from his brother, he is a companion sought out by many. Since being young, he mimicked his older brother Náli in many things, consciously or unconsciously, with more or less good results. His brother is very important to him, more important than anybody else. Together, they were in Azanulbizar, in service of King Dáin in the Iron Hills, in the Battle of the Five Armies, later in Erebor, and now in Moria with Balin, whom Lóni had always regarded as a very honorable Dwarf.

*I would like to ask one of you smith-character-owners to be the ones who made Lóni's arrows. It may be a nice feature and the characters may know each other a bit better, perhaps, too. Which will, by the way, mean that your character will have one loss of a friend happening in his life soon (Lóni is going to die relatively early). Any interest?

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