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NA-TI-02b: Since we did as yet not start the discussion of Of the Ruin of Beleriand, we did not decide as a group if that battle will be included in that chapter. But I included it in my proposal for that chapter.
In our earlier version based only on Narn and Sil we included this battle, without any big discussion. In Posting #3 you commented on an inclusion of clearification which battle was meant (NA-EX-05). The text of CoH offered an other way to deal with that issue: To leave it open if Húrin and Hour got lost in the "main" battle between the forces of Angband coming down Sirion and Brethil and Doriath or in a smaller scirmish which took place at that time. Since that seemed better to me than the back reference, I used the text of Coh as I did.

NA-EX-25.02: Aiwendil worte:
This is, after all, one of the relatively few places where we have a late, complete 'long version' by Tolkien, and in such cases I think that generally the policy should be (and has been) not to insert earlier material for the sole purpose of elaboration.
Do you refer to CoH in general as a late long version? If so, that would mean a terible lose in my oppinion. Such things as the wolf shooting of Beleg and the entrance into Nargothrond. These are details not anywere else to be found. Is it not the goal to compile a most detailed version?
Or do you refer to the opening part of the Narn only, which Tolkien finished himself to a high degree? I thought that the inclusion of parts of the poem in the earlier parts of the Narn would help to make the, in my view inascapable, changes between poesy and prosa in the later part more bearable. And I only included parts were the poem has some points of detail to add to the text of CoH and/or Narn.

NA-EX-27.25: What is strange to me in that paragrph in CoH is that the reader does not know that beleg will return to Túrin until halfe a page later. Even to the contary: just a view sentences before ion the same page Beleg answeres Túrin that it might be best if that parting would be thier last. So what was the reason for Melain to give him the lembas? to use them in his fight at the north marches? All the passage becomes much more natural if Beleg tells that he will go back to Túrin.

NA-TI-15.7: Your rewording is good, but didn't you argue to remove it? I could find any other source either, so porbably we should realy skip it because it is an Christopher Tolkien addition to Sil77. But then, it could also be part of an alternativ Narn fragment.

NA-TI-16: In Sill77 it was a questionmark, in CoH it is a fullstop. I agree that a question mark is gramaticaly correct and should be restored.

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