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First to the text:

'traitorous' sounds by itsself a bit blocky but it alliterates nicely.

I understand why 'trunk' is not good in line 696, but couldn't we use 'beech' from line 696 in line 699?

The editorial bridge is gone, save the closing phrase of Húrins direct speech. The 'singing' in these phrases must be contrilled in the others. Since Aiwendil put the in question generally, I will to have to have a look at them any way.

'Narn Sigil Elu-naeth' as of the Atanatarion: Seem not like a fancy to me but a nice theory. It explains why in the 'Narn i·Chîn Húrin' Húrins further actions are not told.
So the overall structer might have looked like this:

.Narn Beren ion Barahir or Narn e·Dinúviel
.Narn e·mbar Hador
..Narn e·'Rach Morgoth
...Narn i·Chîn Húrin
...Narn Sigil Elu-naeth
..Narn en·Êl
...Narn e·Dant Gondolin
...Narn Orthad en·Êl

Nice, but the more I look at this the more I can understand what dounted the old Professor. If we agree on this I will have to look in to the chapter structer of 'Translation from the Elvish', if it changes anything there.

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