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Here comes my character...

NAME: Hilderinc

AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: in his late thirties, male, Eorling

APPEARANCE: Quite tall, though probably not very tall for an Eorling, short light brown hair with occassional streaks of grey; dark brown eyes. He is quite lean, not overtly muscular, but strong. A serious injury during a campaign in Rhûn in 18 FA caused significant damage to his right arm, the would has healed outwardly, but the broken bones did not mend properly. He still occassionally suffers from the pain.

His slightly darker features might be the remains of some ancient Rohanian-Dunlending bonds (as especially in the borderlands such things have been common, as is evident from some tales), but it is not that he would be any strikingly different from other Rohirrim (he is far from looking like a half-Dunlending or anything like that). He is definitely an Eorling (he has still "typically Rohirric" features discerneable easily especially by an outsider), it just seems that the recessive genes have somehow lost the battle in his case.

BITS OF CHARACTER/HISTORY YOU FEEL MIGHT BE HELPFUL IN DEFINING THE CHARACTER: Hilderinc is a soldier, and has been one practically all his life. During the War, he took part in several battles, notably at Helm's Deep. Not really knowing any other trade, he spent fifteen years after the War serving different lords in Rohan, technically being a mercenary. His longest appointment so far came as he entered Athanar's service only a few months before the eorl was called to Scarburg. His addition to Athanar's household was backed by good references Hilderinc gave of himself, and his prowess and skill.

Those who know him have observed that he is a rather quiet type, which made him a bit of an odd one out in the eyes of some. Even after years of knowing each other, the relationship between Hilderinc and fellow soldiers has never grown into really close, warm friendships. However, Hilderinc gives the vibe of a trustworthy, experienced man, and this balances his detached side, so many might feel comfortable in his company, even if they wouldn't pick him as the first choice of a companion for a merry evening. He has a bit disdainful attitude towards young rash men, and he seems to prefer cold reason to emotions. His favourite pet peeve seem to be people who ''ride against the wind'', that is, who refuse to accept the way things are (according to Hilderinc) and are trying to struggle in some futile attempts.

From the onset, Hilderinc has been trying to facilitate cooperation between Athanar's soldiers and the original inhabitants of Scarburg; this being partially motivated by his abovementioned pet peeve. Many of the younger, more moldable soldiers such as Baldwic, Quin or Áforglaed got better accustomed to the locale and started counting themselves as Scarburgians also thanks to him. Hilderinc never made any distinction between ''us'' and ''them'', even though his disapproval of those who failed to do so might sometimes have strenghtened people's prejudices rather than helped. Lord Eodwine made good impression on Hilderinc the first time the soldier saw him, so he has always been cooperative towards Eodwine. This was probably also one reason why Athanar decided Hilderinc might be one of the men to leave with the restored eorl.


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