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NAME: Athanar son of Hereweald

AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: 44, male, Eorling, from Edoras; a noble and proud descendant of Aldor the Old (not too straight a line but enough to claim a lineage).

APPEARANCE: Normal height and build. A muscular person but one could see the last fifteen years have not been spent fighting or in toil but rather in leisure. Looks like a lazy tiger that could either just rest and build his belly or attack with might and unleash a sleeping power. He’s handsome for his age, “boyish” in a way, but stern when needed. Wears the emblem of his family, the right-looking eagle, everywhere he goes.


His father Hereweald was a counsellor of Theoden King and was raised to a high esteem during the time of Wormtongue. Athanar hated Wormtongue from the very beginning when he was quite young and never accepted the power-broking deal between the aristocracy of Edoras and Wormtongue. But he knew his place and never challenged him for the sake of his family and the status it had.

He fell in love with Wynflaed, the daughter of a mighty family boasting their roots to Brego himself (well, there were many families claiming for the awkward inheritance by measures or half-measures there) and after a few interesting twists of both luck and planning they were wed under the acceptance of both the families.

After receiving a primus nomination at the youth camp Athanar was named a sergeant of a group of riders, but after his marriage he advanced into a lieutenant. And then the war broke in.

He fought in the Pelennor fields with honour. His forefathers could be proud if him. Nine people testified him to have saved them in the last minute, and he had a belt filled with tokens from the enemy… but the real tokens for him were his children who had been born just before the war. It was for them he fought the war, and it was for them he thought a new world would arise bringing back the order of the world the ancients had. The world of the stories his uncle and grandpa had told him… the world of serenity and bliss.

A world were the good were separated from the bad, a world were the master and the slave knew their places, a world in which Rohan would prevail…

It would be the world for him and his children. The world that was their home to be now that Sauron had been defeated..


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