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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Here's my bio...let me know if it looks okay.

NAME: Coenred (Coen) son of Eadric

AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: 35ish, Male, Eorling, spent his family life in a village to the east of Edoras fairly close to the Entwash, but later spent much of his time in Edoras.

APPEARANCE: Reddish-blonde hair, which is naturally quite wild with lots of cow-licks that he can do nothing about, and a slightly darker (heading toward reddish-brown) beard to down below his throat. Hazel eyes. He is quite tall, but not of very large build. The majority of his strength is in his long legs - he is still an excellent runner. He has what some people call a "wicked grin," but he has no idea what they mean by it.

BITS OF CHARACTER/HISTORY YOU FEEL MIGHT BE HELPFUL IN DEFINING THE CHARACTER: He answered the call of duty during the War of the Ring, and fought (if it could be called that, he always says) in the Pelennor fields as essentially a farmboy recruit. He owes his life to Athanar, who saved him in the battle. He is extremely dedicated to Athanar, and admires him greatly. After the War, he spent much time in service (though not close service) to the new king Eomer, as Rohan regained its strength. He rose steadily in the ranks of the Rohirrim, as his nature made him a well-disciplined soldier, and he was always well-loved by his men. In this time he also attempted to serve Athanar in any way he could, because he felt he owed him great service in return for his life and because he greatly respected the man.

(Outward) humility is extremely important to Coenred - partially because he is a man who takes the ideas of pride and shame very seriously. He is happy being in the service of someone, and is not a seeker of power - however, he would never truly deny an appointment, such as the one given to him by Athanar, because of his pride and the desire to please. He does not come across as a very intelligent man, but he is. He understands that he should take what is given to him to maintain and upgrade his position, even though at this point in his life he has no one to tend to but himself. He is by nature a 'workaholic.'

Athanar, has chosen him as his 'right-hand man,' placing him in charge of the new Eorl's men.

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