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Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
The cook's disappearance. Story so far...

Starts at 641 with Primrose (assistant cook) reporting that no sign was to be found of head cook Celandine "Cela Brandybuck" (aged 56 notoriously eccentric - can be absent minded. Good swimmer). Breakfast hasn't been started and there is no sign of her in or around the Inn.Rowan (maid) recalls that the cook had received a letter the previous day which caused her to turn white so was probably bad news. The cook was off her game for the rest of that day. the Shiriff Rusty Smallburrow was summoned. There is some speculation that the cook has been kidnapped but when it is known that she received a letter, Will teh ostler is sent to find Hugh the postman who may know something about it.

Mean while noone has seen anything it seems apart from Mungo "Hitch" Brandybuck, black sheep of the clan and a petty criminal who after some "encouragement" reveals that he saw three figures in a boat on the Brandywine from its west bank near Hays End around midnight as he travelled north towards Stock. One person was rowing and the two passengers were arguing - one of them might have been a woman.

This news prompts a seachparty of 4 hobbit lads and some of the Big Folk (unspecified) to go searching down river taking ponies from the inn.

(Mithalwen and the twins arrive (back) at the inn but are unaware of what is happening)

Primrose and Rowan decide to search Cela's room.

Will catches up with Hugh-the-Postman at Gardenia Boffin's house.

Hithadan the ranger borrows a horse and goes east across the river to find out if one off his fellow rangers in that area has any news.

Hugh tries to remember about the letter " ‘It was a great, fat letter,’ he went on. ‘And there was a note on it too, on the back where it was sealed. Where it was come from, I think. And not one of your usual places, neither!’" HE agrees to accompany Will back to the Inn.

After clearing the common room Prim covers for Rowan while she searches the cook's bedroom. (post 674) A carpet bag, cloak and a quantity of clothing are missing. The state of the drawers indicate that the packing was hasty but the room is otherwise in order with the bed made. A picture of a river Cela kept by her bed is missing. Rowan finds tucked at the back of the wardrobe's high shelf a little shell box. She opens contains a carved ship with a hobbit figure on the deck. This is revealed in a scene with Granny Greenhill and may not be common knowledge at the inn yet.
Teh box is entrusted to granny while Rowan works.

Hugh, still on his way back to the Perch with Will, says he was passed the letter by a hunter who came from the South and West and he had it from another.

In post 699 Hugh has this further recollection:

‘That letter,’ he said wagging his finger at Will. ‘Now this is going to sound quite mad to you, I’m sure. But it’s the honest truth. That place where it was from....I remember the fellow who gave it to me said the fellow as gave it to him had come up from somewhere as sounded like.....let’s see now – "wash", "washing". No, now that’s not it.’ Hugh scrunched up his face and thought hard. ‘ "Launder"....that’s what he said, or at least something real close to it. “Launder”....’

‘That and he said the fellow told him he’d come up from the end of the river.....’

Mr Boffin from his thoughts in the latest post clearly hasn't caught up with Rowan's news.

Kath's Cir was in the kitchen getting tea may have... she has promised me a post and perhaps may have found out?

I think we have a bit to go on here even if we have to be careful about what we do with character that aren't NPCs.

I haven't time for a post for myself now but I should get something done tomorrow.

Hope this helps...
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