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Here is Balvir's Bio I'm not sure howoften I will be able to post but when I can I will

Name: Balvir of Ithilien (Captain and friend to Mordavim of Arnen)

Age: 48 Race: Gondorian

Gender: Male

Appearance: Balvir is not only taller than Matrim he is also broader in shoulder and has large muscular arms which make him a formidable opponent to face weather with blade or bow. As a seasoned Ranger of Ithilien he is always aware of his surroundings, making his deep blue eyes appear ever vigilant. His dark hair currently lemon rinsed a dirty blonde frames his weather worn features to sit neatly just below his broad shoulders and recently he has taken to growing a bread which sits darkly on his oft stern face. He also has burn scaring down his left shoulder.

Like his younger companion he is also dressed in the fashion of a Rohirrim guard, but unlike Matrim he would not be parted with his Ithilien blade, to all appearance it would seem non-descript; even ordinary; but carefully and delicately etched down the centre of the blade on both sides are the names of friends and loved ones lost to war and injustice. Among those names are his wife and three children lost to him when the dark horde of minas morgal began to rape the rich farm lands of Ithilien. Also and yet unknown to young el is her father’s name, who had been one of Balvir’s closest friends. Balvir also carries an Ithilien long bow and a short knife.

Character: Balvir is true and extremely loyal to those he calls friend and although he can often be quite serious in nature he is not without a sense of humour. Ever vigilant is a motto he and many other rangers live by and it has helped keep him and his companions alive. Balvir’s main charge at the moment is the Protection of el, but the honourable man that he is feels indebted to Lord Eodwine and as such has fledged his allegiance to the lord for the length of their stay, providing of course that it does not compromise el’s safety.

History: Balvir was once a family man with three children and a wife he loved dearly. Like his father and his father before him he farmed the lands Northeast of Osgiliath across the Anduin, close to Ithilien’s majestic forests. But one autumn night just after a particularly fruitful harvest Balvir's farm was raided by orcs, they sealed him in the barn where he had been unloading the last of the harvest and set it alight. The flames quickly engulfed the dry crop but Balvir’s only thought was his family and that he must get to them. He threw all his weight against the burning doors until they finally gave way, still coughing and spluttering from the smoke and unaware of how badly burnt his left shoulder was, he looked up to see smoke coming from the farm house and with a cry he grabbed the heavy axe from the nearby chop block and ran , his heart had thudded so loudly in his ears that he had not heard the whistle of arrows that came from the forest nor had he cared when men garbed in green and browns charged out of the forest into the quickly retreating orcs. His only thought was to find his family, one orc then another fell under the swing of his axe but as he was about to run head long into the burning building someone grabbed him and wrestled him to the ground, it took several more men to subdue him when he was told that his family was dead.

It had been Aeol’s father (Arethil) who had wrestled him to the ground and Matrim’s Father (Mordavim) who had given him the bad news and it was those same two men that saved his life, for Balvir in his anguish was ready to hunt down every last orc, a feat that undoubtedly would have lead to his own death. Instead Arethil and Mordavim helped him to bury his dead and convinced him to come to Henneth Annun, where they became close friends and experienced rangers of Ithilien . Balvir even became captain of Mordavim’s house after the war.

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