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K, good. Thanks for your comments. It answers some questions I had earlier.

The main thing is, before everyone from Edoras came, the guardroom would have been big enough for Eodwine's current men at arms. And right now, all they were doing were building things that would currently house people. Future barracks were perhaps being built.

25ft by 12ft would be able to house more than 8 people. They would have to use stacked beds (bunk beds), but you can fit a lot of people into a fairly small space. I'm trying to the summer camp where I work, the staff housing is consists of two rooms about 20 ft by 10 ft (not including the sinks, toilet, and shower). They got four bunk-beds in a room, plus, on days that there were a lot of us, we would put up two additional cots. Now, this being kind of my basis, there are a few things we might address:
Would there be any such thing as a bunk-bed in Rohan?
Would the beds be as wide as the smallest size of beds we have now? I kind of think they would have narrower beds.
Even if the beds were narrower and were stacked, where would their stuff be kept?

All that being said, a 25 by 12 foot room is not big enough for all the men we have now...

So, I'm going to say, let's put as many men as we can into the room that is beside the Master Bedroom in the map, up at the end of the building. Here, I'll attach the document again with the word's written in.

This doesn't solve our problem of a small guardsroom. It may be that later we build an entirely separate barracks and give them a small fireplace or stove for themselves. I think one reason I liked the guardroom being in the building itself is that they would be there immediately, all the time. If we build a seperate barracks, then some of the guards should be at the guardroom at all times, just in case.

Thoughts? Comments?

EDIT: Upon reading Mnemosyne's post, my thoughts was: "Okay, here we go. Out of the frying pan into the fire."
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