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Originally Posted by Gwathagor View Post
There you go quoting Henry V again.
I love that play! I can't escape it!

Anyway, I think that it is about time to introduce some proper new characters to Scarburg who aren't soldiers.

NAME: Girth

Age: 33 years young

APPEARANCE: Girth’s height is no more than five feet. Girth’s size is a credit to his name, as round as a barrel from his legs to his head. The hair on his head is few and is as yellow as a daisy. He dons a broad brimmed hat and the most humble of clothes.

TRAITS/BEHAVIOUR: A simple peasant, Girth knows no ambition or aspirations for future promotion. Each day passes like the next, Girth does not think of tomorrow, he lets tomorrow worry about itself. Content with anything and anywhere, Girth knows no contempt for his fellow man if he is left unmolested. An extremely simple man, Girth chooses to be grateful for the few blessings that he is graced with. He owns nothing, not even the staff in his hand is his. All that he uses belongs to his lord. He takes great pride in small accomplishments. “A small accomplishment is the foundation of a big thing. And that is not a small accomplishment.”

HISTORY: One day is like the next to Girth. Girth was born to Grim the Swine Herder under Athanar’s father and Girth has proudly inherited the title as swine herder. Though swine herder is his chief pride, he watches all the cattle, sheep, goats, and poultry that are in Lord Athanar’s camp. His friends are many. All who come across his path that he likes he calls a friend. The closest friend of Girth is a frazzle haired, skinny, young man by the name of Hamrod. They both have adopted a tramp dog who they have cleverly named Dog. Both eagerly await the new life at Scarburg.


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