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Name: Matrim Astalder, Son of Lord Mordavim of Arnen

Age: 22 Race: Gondorian Gender: Male

Appearance: Matrim is of average height and build for a young man of the Arnen, he has a medium complexion and his hair is usually a mid golden brown but at the moment it is a dark golden colour as it was lemon rinsed so that he and Balvir could go among the Rohirrim without drawing to much attention. (At least until they spoke! :P As their strong Southern Gondorian accents would be quite difficult to mask.) His soft grey eyes convey a gentle calmness that belies the depth and strength of his emotions.

At present Matrim is dressed in the attire of that of a Rohirrim man at arms (again for afore mentioned reasons.) Belted about his waist and hanging at his left side is a gondorian long sword, with no sigils on the pommel and only a leather bound grip, it looks the same as any other, giving nothing away about the young manís true rank and status but about his neck on a plain leather thong is a solid gold ring with the sigils of his house (Crossed sword and arrow for house Astalder against the white tree of gondor) which he keeps carefully hidden under his shirt.

Character/History: Nestled between the river Anduin and the road south to Harad, under the shadow of Emyn Arnen are the lands that Matrim calls home. Although born there he spent much of his younger years behind the protective walls of Minas Tirith, as it was a time of uncertainty and unrest with the dark shadow of Mordor infecting the land of his birth his grandfather (the then Lord of Arnen) thought it safe to move the women and children to the safety of the white city. While Matrimís father and many of the young men of Arnen where called to aid Lord Faramir in northern Ithilien , his grandfather and what men he had left defended the people of the Arnen as best they could. Matrim was nine before they returned, were his father became the new Lord and they buried his grandfather, along with honouring all those who had died in the defence of the Arnen. The years passed quickly and like the lands of Arnen; Matrim flourished and grew into a fairly well disciplined and honourable young man, with not only a fine education in diplomacy and governance, but also at his fatherís behest he trained under Captain Balvir to gain discipline and leadership skills with a small hope also to curb his sonís more impulsive and sometimes overly passionate nature. Currently Matrim is charged by his father to protect Lady ∆ūelhild during her temporary self imposed exile. So that he can gather evidence to disprove her uncles ludicious claims and prove her innocence beyond reproach and restore to her the comfort and security her late father and his best friend had always intended for her.

Here you go I finally figured out where I had put Mat's Bio, I hope it doesn't throw to much of a spanner in the works ;P now to catch up on the thread and see if I cannot re-introduce my troop into the story.


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