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A new character. What fun.

Name: Quin

Age/Gender/Race/Where From: 19. Male. Rohirrim. Edoras

Appearance: Average height, thinly built, blond hair, blue eyes, round, childish face.

Bits of Character/History You Might Fell Helpful In Defining the Character: Quin is shy and mild, most of the time. He is still feeling his way through life and figuring out who he is. This is his first time away from Edoras, and heís a little intimidated. He wants to please, but he can be clumsy.

He was born in Edoras to a soldier and his wife. His father went to war when Rohan went to fight at the Pelennor fields, and he did not return. Quin was five years old at the time. His mother found work where she could, but it was difficult to support herself and her son. When he was ten, she approached lord Athanar, a man under whom her husband had fought during the war, and asked him if he would take Quin as a page, to bring him up and raise him to be an eorlinga. Athanar agreed, and when Quin turned eleven, he moved into Athanarís household.

He worked hard during his time there, and as he grew older, he was trained in the art of war and weaponry. He did not like being separated from his mother at first, and he did not like Athanarís sons, who are about the same age as he. However, he got over his homesickness and learned to live in his new environment. Lately he has been officially added to the men-at-arms and he's still unsure of himself.

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