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Eorl of Rohan’s character: (I will be playing the morally ambivalent Easterling Guard character!)

NAME: Mir Wainrider (short for Artamir)
AGE: 36
RACE: Easterling (Wainrider Clan)
WEAPONS: Naegling, a blade that he received from his grandfather

APPEARANCE: Taller than the average, but still short and swarthy in comparison to the men of Gondor and Rohan. He is lean and muscular, the sinews rippling beneath the flesh, but somehow gives off the impression of being slight in build because he lacks the bulging muscles and the stoutness of his fellow Easterlings. Clad in the black and silver livery of an Easterling officer, he would have cut an imposing figure if the eyes half-hidden beneath the long tousled black hair was not so sad and wistful.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: He’s a seasoned swordsman, but if he had relied solely on the strength of his arms to keep himself alive then his white bones would be glistening in the morning dew of Mordor by this time. He is the least skilled in swordplay among Easterling officers, and is hopeless with a bow. He leads his men by plain common sense and an in-depth knowledge of all the dangers that lurk in the vast lands between Gondor and Seas of Rhun that was compiled by leading various raids into the wild. He is soft-spoken, cynical, and completely lacks a sense of humor. He was once brave and proud, but while it is said that when he was younger no man led so many raids into the hated northern lands or supplied the city of Rhun with so many Gondorian slaves, he contented himself with guard duty ever since he returned from the final war. The rank-and-file mutter that some tragedy must have happened in the battle, or after it perhaps, which broke the clear-voiced and idealistic young officer who used to hate Gondor with a passion and told the stories of the ancient wars with as much zest as a troubadour, and reduced him to this soft-spoken officer with bitterness in his words and a perpetual sadness in his eyes.

HISTORY: He is of the Clan of Wainrider, which was once a powerful confederation of Easterling clans who were united in their hatred against Gondor. Since he was a suckling babe, he had heard heroic stories of the Great Conquest of Ithilien and how he himself is the last of the direct male-line descendant of Liel Wainrider who slew King Ondohor and his sons in one fell stroke. He enlisted in the army when he was seventeen, a patriotic and idealistic young man who dreamed of marking his name on the pages of history like his ancestor Liel. He is a seasoned war veteran who led many forays into the outlying lands of the northern countries and fought in the War of the One Ring. He had the sense to round about the fleeing rank-and-file when the One Ring was destroyed, knowing that they would be hunted down if they fled alone and distraught, and with some Gondorian prisoners to guide the way managed to return to the City of Rhun with about half the number intact despite the many dangers on the way. Since then, he has contented himself with guard duty and left the leading of raids to the younger officers. He is a loyal and brave soldier who fought valiantly for the honor of their people, from the Easterling’s point of view, but apparently this admiration was not shared by the Gondorian prisoners that he captured . . . one of whom is currently baring naked steel at him, a cold smile lighting his countenance (See First Post for the game).


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