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NAME: Susca (Suscana, daughter of Orolain)

AGE: 43

RACE: Gondorian

GENDER: female

WEAPONS: nothing

APPEARANCE: At 5'8'', Susca stands only a little shorter than the average easterling man. Two decades of slavery in the sun and dust of the east have turned her tanned complexion swarthy and robbed the shine of her jet black hair as well as all the soft feminine flesh around her slender body. Apart from her height, only the occasional spark in her grey eyes recalls the proud noblewoman she once was.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Susca has always had a temper, although years of slavery have forced her to restrain herself. She hardly bothers to conceal her selfishness, cowardice or lack of empathy. On the other hand she is independent, intuitive and intelligent, and not as cold as she might first seem. She speaks little if she has nothing to say.

Susca was an artist and has the skills and eyes of a painter. Little goes unnoticed by her and she is a pure aesthetic. She used to be very beautiful and can still use her appearance to her advantage if needs be. The years as a slave in the household of a rich Easterling family has taught her to work efficiently and quietly, whatever the work in question. Also, animals - especially horses - tend to like her and she's good at co-operating with them.

Apart from the obvious faults in her personality, Susca has few other weaknesses. She has whatsoever no talent in music and despite spending 19 years with the Easterlings, her understanding of their language is still limited.

HISTORY: Year 2983 a daughter was born to the South Gondorian nobleman Orolain and his wife Flavia. They had long expected a child and the girl named Suscana was an answer to their prayers. They treasured their only child and let her have what she wanted. They gave her pretty clothes and precious jewels, and most importantly, let her do what she wanted.

As a talented painter, Suscana decided to pursue a career as an artist. It wasn't easy to be a female artist in Gondor, especially for a young unmarried woman. Assisted by her good looks and advantageous contacts Suscana managed to achieve moderate fame as a portrait and landscape artist, and many suitors came to her door, some drawn by curiousity, some by Suscana's beauty and most of them by her parents' wealth, for she was the only child and heir. To her parents' disappointment, Suscana refused all proposals. She had little interest in marriage or having children, all she wanted was to do her art and maybe have some fun every now and then.

In the summer of 3007 when Suscana was 24 years old, she was working on a commission in a manorhouse in North-Eastern Anórien. An exceptionally bold raid took a group of Easterlings to the borderlands of Rohan and Gondor, many locals were killed and many were taken captive, Suscana among them. She was taken to work as one of the divers who fetched pearls in the dangerous waters of the Sea of Rhűn until a wealthy Easterling man set his eyes on her and took her as a slave to his house.

After that Suscana, nowadays only known as Susca, has toiled in half a dozen Easterling households as a maidservant. She has made some friends, but always lost them when changing owners. She once had a baby by one of her Easterling masters, but the girl was stillborn and after that Susca hasn't become pregnant. She's had a few lovers, but none of them has lasted any more than her friendships. One could say Susca has been lonely, but what she dreams of is her palette and a paintbrush in her hand, not human contact.


Thinlómien's post:

Suscana watched the men's angry back-and-forth with indifference. The events of the previous week bounced wildly in her head: the mysterious disappearance of Lady Rhedea's necklace, the accusing fingers of the other maids pointing at her (she should've been more careful when stalking at night to meet Kilden and she should've known better than to accuse the Lord's favourite maid of the theft, but it was all said and done now, she couldn't change it anymore), her being thrown to the dungeons to be released to the hunt and the wild plotting led by Captain Regnár.

She had thought him crazy back then, even seen a madman's glint in his dark eyes when explaining his plans to the slaves gathered around him. The idea of making it to the infamous Mir Wainrider's office in the barracks seemed like pure madness - if they managed to escape, that was definitely not the place to go to hide from Easterlings! Susca had decided not to follow any reckless plan like that but during the hunt - she was trying to push all the images of blood and faces full of anguish from her mind, no time to dwell on it right now - she had somehow found herself between the choice of following Regnár to an alley which led to the barracks or running into the hunters who were advancing from both sides.

And now they were all here. The men were quarrelling, which was nothing surprising. There was intense throbbing of pain in Susca's left arm and she hoped she hadn't broken any bones. She could not bring herself to listen to the fight between Regnŕr and Mir Wainrider, even though it would determine the fate of all the people in the room. She was feeling numb, struck by both the realisation that she had survived the notorious hunt and the amount of pain and death she had seen that day.


Eorl, let me know if anything needs changing. Also, do you need first posts soon? If yes, what does that mean in practice?

Folwren, I have the feeling you won't like my character...

PS. I won't be taking another character even though I'm tempted by the Rohanian man... I hardly have enough time to write for one character so two would be too much.


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