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Here are two characters I hope to soon bring to the Inn.

NAME: Iris Puddifoot

AGE: 67

RACE: Hobbit

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: Whatever might be at hand – a frying pan; broom; cleaver; turning fork; her walnut walking stick; her quick, sharp tongue

APPEARANCE: 3’3” tall; sturdy build. Brown eyes; thick, brown curls usually restrained by a bright yellow scarf. Usually found wearing a dark green skirt, white blouse, and over all a bib apron of some flowery print with big pockets.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: A no-nonsense, practical person at first take, but beneath this exterior runs a quite fanciful, romantic streak. Has a good sense of humor; a soft heart, for the most part. Loves to cook; runs her kitchen with a firm hand. Loves to garden – her kitchen garden of vegetables and herbs is her pride and joy. Has a particularly dim view of the slug population and has waged many a battle with them in defense of her beloved plantings.

HISTORY: Youngest daughter of Odo Noakes and Lavender Chubb Noakes originally of Pincup. Has three older sisters and two older brothers – all of whom are married with families of their own. She, too, was married - for five years to Anson Puddifoot (he was killed when the big wagon he used for hauling lumber slid off a steep embankment and crushed him). Iris and Anson lived in Woodhall and had two children: Betony, 34; lives in Woodhall & married to Carl Cotman - Hob, 35; also lives in Woodhall & married to Bella Goodchild. She has three grandchildren so far – Betony’s daughter, Buttercup 1y/o; Hob’s son, Anson 3 y/o & his daughter, Ginger 2 y/o.

Has a shaggy-haired, roan pony named Velvet.


NAME: Penstemon (Penny) Noakes

AGE: 30

RACE: Hobbit

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: No weapons as such; is quite adept with her little sling and can bring down a rabbit

APPEARANCE: 3’5” tall; coppery curls; hazel eyes.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Friendly; independent of mind; adventurous; curious - sometimes too much so

HISTORY: One of Iris Puddifoot’s young cousins from Pincup. Caught a case of ‘itchy-foot’, or so her Gammer says, and persuaded her family to let her visit Cousin Iris. Her Gammer would be clucking her tongue had she known Iris and Penny were now traveling about, seeing the sights of the East Farthing.

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