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NAME: Aeron

AGE: 35

RACE: Man, of the Dunedain

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS/EQUIPMENT: A longsword, Maple recurve bow and a dagger in her boot. She rides a painted (chestnut and white) stallion named Aergolas that she loves dearly. She travels lightly, only carrying a few ointments to treat wounds, a small tent, fire/fishing kit, canteen, a bedroll and traveling rations.

APPEARANCE: 5’10”, 165 lbs; slight muscles on her arms from using a bow for so long. Aeron has shoulder length straight dark brown hair with bangs that are side swept to the left side of her face. She has grey eyes and wears that of what a Ranger would wear; maille in under her green cloth tunic with the same colored leggings, made of a thick cloth. Over top of her tunic she wears a dark brown leather jerkin. Aeron also wears brown leather gloves with the same colored, 1 inch heeled, knee length boots. She wears a grey hooded cloak with the multi pointed star brooch (I tend to like to go with eight points) and a green mask, hood and mask always up and hiding her face.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Aeron is a quiet, observant woman; she looks upon the world with bright eyes, yearning to learn the lore that Arda has to offer to her. She doesn't have a lot to say, and when she does she tries to make it count. Aeron loves to meet anyone of a different race than her own, finding hobbits to be the most peculiar. She prides herself in being a good hunter and archer, seeing that as her strength. She also knows a great deal about horses, though she is not one of the horse lords of Rohan. Her weaknesses would be melee attacks (both offensive and defensive) and the lack of armour she wears. Her curiosity and yearning to travel to different places often causes her to stray from her duties as a Ranger, as well as the eastern borders of Bree Land.

HISTORY: Born in 2922 TA. Aeron's parents currently reside in the Angle south of Rivendell, where she was also born. Her father trained her to be a Ranger when she was at the young age of 15. She cannot trace her lineage back to any well known Dunadan, just that her ancestors moved from Annuminas when the captial fell to ruins, settling in one of the three divided kingdoms; Arthedain. Over time, they migrated towards the Angle where the remainder of the Dunedain had went to after the Battle of Fornost.

Daeradan, her father, is the Ranger that watches the Eastern borders of Bree Land in the Weather Hills (it also extends out a few miles past Weathertop).


Hope I did this right! I finally decided to try my luck at RPing here after lurking around.


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