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NAME: Arandon 'The Ghostly Wanderer' (wooooo)

AGE: 60

RACE: Man (Ranger of the North)


WEAPONS: Longsword short hunting bow and a dagger

APPEARANCE: A member of the Grey company he would always be seen in his grey cloak as a Physical specimen there was nothing much to seperate him from any man he was 6'2 of a lithe frame though this is accentuated by the looseness of his clothes He is almost always unshaven with a wild brown beard and a scruffy head of shoulder-length hair. He will often be seen (if at all) sitting quietly in the corner puffing on a pipe slowly and carefully supping at a mug of Ale.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Secrecy- both a strength and a weakness it enables him to steer clear of enemies and to eavesdrop on people who think no-one else is listening but it also results in him being very much mistrusted by all he comes across. Loyalty- To those whom he gets close to he is a hugely loyal ally willing to aid them in anything no matter what the dangers Thoughtfulness- Every decision is weighed up carefully in his mind yet this can cause trouble when much faster thinking is required

HISTORY: Born in Arthadian he is the only son of Arandil and his first-born he had 2 sisters Elerien and Yvelda his mother died when he was only 6 giving birth to his youngest sister his father was overcome by this and became little more than a spectre in their lives. During his youth he would often wander the land becomming especially fond of the Hills of Evendim which he would climb and look in wonder at the ancient capital of Arnor. On reaching his teens he began to acquire the skills of a Ranger learning to hunt, track, ride and fight. A few years later his sisters were killed by Orcs this has left him with a burning hatred for the creatures and led to his highly secretive nature.


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