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Name: Hamwill

Race: Man (of Bree)

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Weapons: None, except a rather heavy-looking and disheveled tome which might be applied to someone's head at need.

Appearance: Though tall, around 6 feet, he is slightly muscled and rather light. He wears mostly an unimpressive tunic and pants, with a wide-brimmed hat added occasionally. When it is not on, his hair appears rather disheveled. He is pale, with brown eyes.

Personality/Strengths/Weaknesses: Hamwill has always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge, leading him to travel much farther than your typical Bree-lander, though still only a small way by the standards of most of the world.

Because of this, he has a large, if somewhat limited by his origins, store of knowledge about many things. He has come to the Shire to study herb-lore and history. He tends to become extremely excited when faced with an opportunity to obtain knowledge, though when he is calm, he can outthink most of those he encounters. He tries to avoid fighting as much as possible.


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