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Name: Alferad Brandybuck (Al)


Gender: Male


Weapons: None. He carries a bag with his belongings (mostly food) and a pipe. When needed he can make use of his fists and whatever comes to hand.

Appearance: He is rather tall for a hobbit – almost 4 feet. He is wearing travelling pants; the blue vest on top of his shirt is fashionable, and rather expensive. Al is rather chubby, even for a hobbit, but his roundness is hidden by a green travelling cloak. Under his hood, his brown curly hair is plastered to his head.

Personality/Strengths/Weaknesses: Al is a loud person. He cannot sit in the corner watching someone else show off; he has to be in the center of things. He cannot bear to be ignored. Al is inconsistent, and more than a bit hypocritical. He is quite conceited, boisterous, and rash. He is good at bargaining – and arguing – but sometimes his temper gets the better of him and physical arguments come into play.

History: He spent most of his life in Brandy Hall with his parents and numerous siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and other relatives. His mother is a Took, and his closest maternal family lives in Tookbank. One day Al’s mother suggested rather firmly that he should think about visiting his kin over the Brandywine. The prospect of spending weeks is a “rusty village”, as he thought of Tookbank in comparison to Brandy Hall, did not appeal much to him, but he had several reasons for agreeing. Firstly, it would improve his slightly shaky reputation. Like a true hobbit, Al cared about being respected, although like a true youngster he didn’t act that way at all. Secondly, his father and his grandparents approved his mother’s idea. Al definitely did not want to start a conflict with his family. A very important factor in his decision was that his mother was known to get tough. Although all these were valid reasons for not making a scandal out of the affair, what really made Al change his mind was the sudden desire to travel independently, without supervision – to be able to do whatever he pleases – even if this would only last until he reached Tookbank, where he would again be under the constant surveillance of his aunts and uncles. This desire was so strong that he convinced his parents not to send any of his siblings or cousins with him. His excuse was that he would get to know his maternal family better without them in the way.

Up to now Al was fairly content with his freedom. One of his first independent decisions was to go by the Golden Perch Inn and stay there for a night or two. The promise of the best beer in the Eastfarthing appealed to him greatly.

EDIT: Sorry I made it so long. I got carried away. I can shorten it to a readable length if you want.


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