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I wanted to get my character sheet completed (or at least mostly complete) before tomorrow. Having a stage name has given me an idea.


NAME: Branor

AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: 28, Male, Man, Esgaroth

APPEARANCE: By the standards of the Men of Dale, Branor is considered tall (almost 6'2''), pale-skinned, and slender, but healthy looking. He has dark brown, shoulder-length hair, and brown eyes.

BITS OF CHARACTER/HISTORY YOU FEEL MIGHT BE HELPFUL IN DEFINING THE CHARACTER: Branor's dad, Bainor, was a weaponsmith and fortunately took Branor to Erebor where they found refuge when the Dark Lord's army came. Branor was too young to fight, but remembers the fear of being trapped in the Lonely Mountain, not having hope to escape.

After Sauron's defeat, and a great peace swept across Middle-earth, Branor did not want to be an apprentice to his father, afterall there wasn't much need for weaponsmiths anymore. It wasn't until Branor was nearing 24, when he figured out his life's passion. Branor's good friend, Brinn, pitched him the idea of creating a theater troupe, and doing an act celebrating the demise of the Dragon. He was quite familiar and always intrigued by the story of Smaug. Although, all he knew came from stories his father told him, who had heard the stories from his father. Branor had always been passionate and eccentric. His passion, while performing, tended to bring out the best in everyone else. However, off-stage, he simply looked boisterous and arrogant. In fact, Branor often saw new members of the troupe as a threat to his fame, and after the first couple performances, Branor would rarely ever get out of character! The only member of the troupe he would listen to (unless you were simply stating you agreed with him) was Brinn.


The troupe's background looks good to me Mnemo. I may have some questions or more to add, tomorrow or when I'm back on Sunday night. If there are any changes I'll adjust Branor's history/how he knows Brinn accordingly.

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