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Ok, after much thinking I've come up with the following character:

NAME: Harrenon

AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: 21, Male, Man, Gondor, more specifically Lossanarch

APPEARANCE: He looks younger than his age and is not as tall as the usual Gondorian although he claims he still has time to grow, despite his age. Has long black hair that sometimes stands in all dirrections and brown eyes.

BITS OF CHARACTER/HISTORY YOU FEEL MIGHT BE HELPFUL IN DEFINING THE CHARACTER: Is a bit over-enthusiastic and tends to get excited easily. Has periods of shyness although he secretly dreams of being adimred one day for his acting skills. He is much too young to remember the War of the Ring and the only things he knows about the events there come from rumours and vague reports. He watched a few representations given by the King's Players and was immediately taken in by their style, which is why he one day asked to join them.

Well, that's it, so far. Let me know how it looks.
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