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Brilliant idea!

Here are my characters. They're kind of experimental. I'm afraid that they will only reach Minas Anor at mid-morning, though.

And I'll also name the character after myself...

NAME: Ghalakržd (often called RhŻnwen by Gondorians)


Shorter than an average Gondorian woman, only about 5.5’ tall. Very thin, but not slender. All features are pointed and sharp. Her swarthy skin is darker than a Gondorian would have, but much lighter than a Haradrim’s; it is more of a hue of a deep tan. Her elbow-length dark brown hair is pulled into a crude bun. Her dark eyes are slightly slanted. Wears a long-sleeve loose-hanging dress, the colour of which is somewhere between brown and grey. Her voice is severe and slightly hoarse. All in all, she would not be classified as pretty.

Always finds something wrong with things, people, and anything else. Easily becomes offended; resents others, and bears a grudge for long time. It is very hard to please her. Usually bottles up her anger. At times could be proud to the point of stubbornness.

Ghalakržd had a very harsh life, which lead her to her present situation. She was brought up to hate the West, a feeling which hardened when her father was taken as a soldier and killed in the War. Her mother died soon afterwards. She has two younger brothers, but she hasn’t seen them, or even heard news of them, ever since she left her home to trade whatever goods she could in other lands, over twenty years ago. She hardly remembers them at all. Her only clear memory of her family is her mother bidding her goodnight, calling her GhallŽ.

However, in Gondor her name became RhŻnwen, Easterling-woman. No one knew her, but everyone called her by that name. Ghalakržd noticed that even though Gondorians were too polite to openly show their distaste towards her, she could see it hidden in their “innocent” questions about her home and in their carefully chosen words. As Ghalakržd learned to live with the conquerors, she learned not to respond to these questions, partially because she lost whatever home she had during the War.


NAME: Horse (or Mule, when Ghalakržd is irritated)

AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: not too old to work/male/donkey/somewhere in the path of Ghalakržd’s travels

APPEARANCE: A small grey donkey. As thin as his mistress. He pulls a small plain wooden cart with Ghalakržd’s humble supply of wares.

BITS OF CHARACTER/HISTORY YOU FEEL MIGHT BE HELPFUL IN DEFINING THE CHARACTER: At times could be cute and adorable. Cheerful by nature, though a lot of times he is downcast because of his mistress’ mood. Quite clever. *Does not speak; only thinks, feels, and pulls the cart.* Loves being called “Horse”, hates being called “Mule”, but always thinks of himself as a donkey.

The donkey does not have any special abilities; he's just a regular donkey. I just think that it would be interesting to look at things from his point of view.
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