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Name: Posy (or Zimzi – rarely called Zimziran, her given name)

Age/gender/race/where from: 14, she reckons/female/Men/the docks and harbor area of Anor as far as she can remember.

Appearance: Looks childlike, younger than her years. Lithe, wiry. Long, bright golden hair; fair skin; light grey eyes like the sea under a noon sun. Barefoot mostly, save for the colder months when she wears old clogs stuffed with hay for warmth. Wears a faded plum colored dress most days. Tries to be as clean and well-groomed as she can manage.

Bits of character/history: Orphan since about the age of four. Knows little of her past save her given name and the vague memory of some kind woman’s face bent over hers. Lives with a motley collection of other cast-off young ones (eleven of them at the moment). Hidden away from the eyes of the city proper, they shift for themselves as best they can.


Ancillary characters:

Derry - 16/male/short brown hair and brown eyes. Juggler extraordinaire and and quite adept at running games of chance.

Garan and Goran – 7 y/o/male twins/yellow hair and bright blue eyes. Excellent little pick-pockets.

and a small host of 7 more as they come into play:







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