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I was keeping track of the passions of the Hall for a while now (though I still can’t say that I feel like I know my way around, hehe ), and recently an idea for a character of my own came up. I hope you don't mind...

Name Ledwyn

Age/Gender/Race/Where from: 26, Female, Eorling, West Emnet (now just over 31)

Appearance: Long light-brown plaited hair and grey eyes. Slightly taller than average. Frail. Prefers plain, practical clothing to delicate and ornamented ones. Slightly pale. During the Hard Winter, suffered from frostbite which left one of the fingers on her left hand permanently blackened.

Personality/Bio: Ledwyn is swayed easily by another’s words, but if she has her own opinion it is a strong one. She is very sensitive and even a small remark can hurt her; she takes life too seriously in general. She rarely speaks openly about her thoughts and feelings, though they are always written plainly on her face. She lacks confidence in herself and acts self-consciously. She is quick to forgive but slow to forget.

After her husband died a year ago in an accident Ledwyn lived with her younger brother. However, after her brother’s marriage life in the small house got rather crowded, and Ledwyn insisted on moving to the Scarburg Mead Hall with her young son because she decided that “it is all her fault”. She would not hear any arguments from her brother and sister-in-law.

Update: Did not change much. Still takes life too seriously and is therefore vulnerable to teasing. With the influence of the other women, she became a bit more independent and a bit more able to hold her own, but is still very easily swayed by those people whom she respects. Overall, she became a tad less serious about everything and even a tad more "girly". However, as she began to befriend and trust the dwellers of the Hall and relax from the state of constant seriousness/concern, she started spending less time with Theolain, and to a degree started worrying less about what goes on with him.

And her son:

Name: Theolain

Age/Gender/Race/Where from: 2, Male, Eorling, West Emnet (now 7)

Appearance: In the middle of growth, clumsy and slightly chubby. The mop of dark blonde hair grows faster than it is cut. The eyes are grey, like Ledwyn’s. They are the only resemblance between mother and son.

Update: all the chubbiness is gone; possibly even leaning towards the skinny side. He is average sized for his age, no remarkable physical traits. He is stronger than he looks, and is a good climber. Still has light-coloured hair that is longer than usual, and still does not resemble Ledwyn.

Personality/Bio: His legs work faster than his mind.

Update: took very long to begin trusting the local people, including children. The one exception is Harreld, who he had taken a liking to early on. Took a long time and a lot of... adventures for him to begin opening up to other children, and even longer for adults. But, as time passed, he started to spend less time with others, but because adults assumed he is just off playing with the other kids and the kids assumed he stayed with the adults, and nothing out of ordinary ever happened to him, no one gave and mind. Also, lately, he stopped being as open to everyone who he was on good terms with before. He became not exactly secretive but rather closed.

Theolain died in the Hard Winter.


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