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Okay, this may be a bit of a rough draft, but I want to get it up now.

Name Laerdil (song lover)

Age/Gender/Race/Where from: about 7 thousand years old, born in the First Age, of the Nandor (of the Teleri who never crossed the Misty Mountains), has lived long in Loth-lorien.

Appearance very tall, black hair, sad grey eyes, lean and not broad of build, looks very young until one searches his face. He wears an Elven cloak so that he is not seen unless he wants to be. Carries a long knife at his belt and bow and arrows. Also carries a harp and pipe.

Personality/Bio: Laerdil is a lover of songs, and plays and sings. He has lived in Loth-lorien almost his whole life. He has been involved in a few wars and has survived with minimal wounds in any of them. He did take a spouse and they had a son and daughter, but he has outlived them all. His wife was slain by orcs early in the 3rd Age on the edges of Lorien. His son died in the Battle of Dagorlad. His daughter took ship when Amroth drowned in the sea. He stayed so long out of love for Lorien and loyatly to Galadriel. Now the one fades and the other is gone. The Elves are leaving Lorien or they face fading themselves. Laerdil has determined to follow his daughter over the Sea. But having never wandered far during his life, he has decided that he will see what Men are making of Middle Earth. He has left Lorien and has come south into Rohan, traveling mostly at night for love of the stars.

The names of his wife and children will come later as needed. If anyone has questions that may aid me in filling out this description, more, please feel free to ask.


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