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Spectral: The definition as I use it. Separate post -

The metaphysical dimensions [i.e. 'magic', 'spirit', 'lore', 'spirituality-KINDS'] of collective-social trends, collective beliefs, and the shadows cast by the collective religions that split the universe into --OFTEN --Good versus Evil. A Spectral 'line' or 'layer' or 'level' or 'dimension' can be 'element-ised' [FIRE WATER AIR], 'matter-ised [e.g. FLESH, CYBORG, UNDEAD, UNFLESH, ZOMBIE] if about 'living'. Or it can be matter-ised [Rock-Earth-Elements of Period Table-magic-ised, e.g. 'living stone', 'haunted geo-spiritual 'earth' foundations. Rips in 'time' created by 'new undiscovered elements'--that one's UFO-isable. The Amnion come to mind. They can also be CREATIONIST - 'Elves' 'Ea', and that draws a line to Science and the opposite of Entropy, whatever the heck that might be]. etc

Example on what I call a "Spectrally Misaligned" one of Western Culture (i.e. 'shadow of the collective social mind' :

The Spectral ghost of spiritual beliefs that place 'sexuality' with evil and 'asexuality' with good:

An example is Succubus and Incubus, or Lileth - which are Spectral Shadows and sexualised fears as they caste into cognition, for the Western religiosity, in particular. Those ones are Western for they conflict with ideas of 'sexual governance' and the Natural, versus Supernatural. I'm not talking about their historical rendition, or place in literature, science or fact. Theologians have a reserved term for what I've done with the definition, but heck, for the life of me I can't remember the word. It's a variation of 'exegesis' that specifically partitions what the social mind does to meaning about spiritual, popular 'terms'

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