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Well, it can't be Kuru or Lottie.

It could be Legate, regardless of whether or not he proposed the early no-lynches; I personally am dealing with the repercussions of that (complacency) and I don't think I'm the only one. I haven't looked very seriously at much that he's said, to be honest, because the majority seems to think him a cleared innocent - and that's dangerous. It's a bit late in the day to do anything about that right now, though.

I don't think it's Inzil mostly because of the early out-of-nowhere suspicion on him that I didn't understand (and at this point, I'm not going to lie - I may be clinging to this impression of his innocence because I don't like being wrong.) I wouldn't want to see him lynched today, though.

Lalaith - I've only played a couple games with her, as I recall, and she reminds me a bit of G55 in that quasi-helpful way that she has, that almost looking-for-approval tone. Trouble is, I almost always think G55's innocent unless given some actual evidence, and I don't see any of that to say Lal is evil, so... tentatively think she's innocent.

Lommy I tend to trust more now that I have a more solid opinion on Legate, because she seems to be the only other person thus for who's entertained the notion. She also seems to be fully behind Lottie as rep, which is the sensible (if boring) option - and I'd think, this far into the game, having missed a kill, the wolves would be trying harder to wrest control of the lynch. I'm okay with her.

Boro is a total mystery. Process of elimination tells me he's probably a conspirator given my reads on everyone else. There's not a lot else to say here.

So, if I had to pick three... eesh. Boro for sure. Legate, because I'm not as sold as everyone else seems to be and it'd be a masterful play if he actually is evil (also, I've catapulted to "cleared" status before as evil - he remembers.) And... I don't know. I so don't want to be wrong on Inzil, but I suppose I could be.

That took far too long.
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