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Unless something dramatically changes in the next few hours, I want Kuru for rep.
Now why would you say that? It's evidently clear that Lottie is innocent - Kuru is probably innocent but there is a scenario where he could be guilty. So why choose Kuru over Lottie?

(The scenario where Kuru could be guilty is as follows: desperate wolves would be needing to replace known innocent Lottie with one of their own - how would they do this? Well, once Lottie was finally out of the way, the next 'survivor' would take her place - thus having a conspirator controlling the lynching. It would be possible to stage-manage by simply not breathing on anyone on Night 2 and then having Kuruwolf claiming to be sick).
No, I'm not putting anyone in the known innocent pile other than Lottie and myself. I do think Zil was probably a wolf. I think Boro, Lommy, Legate and [B]Shasta could be wolves. And think even Kuru, far-fetched as it might be, could be a wolf. He has been so adamant about Legate being innocent because of the no-lynching plan, but what if that had been hatched as a wolfy plan to keep the conspirators safe until night-kills put them in the majority to control lynchings? It doesn't seem to have worked out that way, what with Lottie being such a great survivor. But that doesn't mean I'm giving Legate a clean bill of health.
(Thought - if Legate and Kuru turn out to be wolves they will have played with such wily elegance that frankly they deserve to win)
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