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Lalaith is a guest at the Prancing Pony.Lalaith is a guest at the Prancing Pony.
f all three of Legate, Kuru, and I are out of the running for the lynch toDay, then that leaves only four people - Lommy, Lalaith, Boro, and Shasta. We have between three and two wolves in those four people, depending on Zil's alignment. The chances of us hitting a wolf are really very good so long as we stick to only these four people. If we suddenly expand that to include Legate and Kuru, then our chances go way down. So I'm very suspicious of the people trying to cast suspicion on either of those two - yesterDay it was mostly on Legate, toDay it seems to mostly be on Kuru, but both Days the suspicion was flaky and unsubstantiated.
But Lottie, what if your supposition was wrong? You are powerful as a known innocent, and you have got yourself into an alliance with two people that you assume are also innocent. If other people point out that they don't take these assumptions at face value and would like them examined and challenged, that doesn't mean that these people are by default guilty.
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