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Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Boots Werewolf CXII - Dueling Wizards III - The Re-Party


General Rules:

The game will begin with a NIGHT ONE.

There will be no multi-lynches on the Living Thread or multi-vote granting from the Dead Thread. Vote ties in the Living Thread will result in no lynch and vote ties in the Dead Thread will result in no bonus vote being granted that DAY.

Voting should be done as follows: ++Kuruharan. Failure to vote three DAYS in a row will result in murder and sending the player to the Dead Thread. Participation in the Dead Thread is optional as you are already dead and I won’t kill you again.

Voting is non-retractable.

Dead Thread:

After there are TWO residents of the Dead Thread, every DAY the dead get to vote on giving one of the living an extra vote. The dead are subject to the same deadline as the living. The living will not know who among them will get an extra vote until it is revealed in the closing narration of the DAY.

The Dead Empowerment vote is a simple (+1) to the vote of the empowered individual.

For example, let’s suppose that Nilpaurion Felagund has voted for himself to be lynched that day. The residents of the Dead Thread think this is utterly hilarious and vote to empower him. Nilp’s nilping of himself has now gone from a single vote for Nilp to two votes for Nilp.

Since in the anteroom of the afterlife it is hard to hide one’s true nature from one’s fellow residents, every NIGHT after there are TWO residents the dead get to vote for one among themselves to determine their true nature. The voted player will be described as either PREDATOR or PREY.

Please Note: The threshold for the Dead Thread voting has been reduced to two since the Dead Thread will (presumably) not be filling up super-fast like the last Dead Thread game and I wanted to give the dead something to do sooner in the game. Yes, the first two residents of the Dead Thread will probably reflexively vote for each other for the role reveal…but then again, maybe they won’t.

The living may not look in the Dead Thread. The dead may continue to read the Living Thread but may no longer post there or interact with the Living in any way except through the mechanism of the Dead Thread Bonus Vote. The dead can read the whole of the Dead Thread, not just what happens after one dies. For those that resurrect, it is permitted for them to read and participate in the Dead Thread until the time that I post the narration announcing their return to the Living Thread. After that post, the resurrected player may no longer read any further in the Dead Thread until such time as they return to it. For those who resurrect, they may only paraphrase but NOT directly quote or cite posts in the Dead Thread. However, the dead may quote and cite posts from the Living Thread.

Please note: It is NOT ALLOWED for a Living Player to click on the post count link of the Dead Thread to check and see how many times Dead Thread player have posted. Obviously you will be able to see how many posts there are in total and who the last poster is, but that is all that is allowed. Do not check who has posted how many times, do not cite who has posted how many times, do not base arguments on it. You are the Living and they are the Dead and you don’t know what they are up to…and quite possibly neither do they.

Living Thread

This is going to be rather different than last time.

First off, there are no hidden roles in this game and there is only a single wolfpack.

The Next Party (also known as the Village in normal parlance…)

Ordos – ordinary players with no special powers. They will stay in the Dead Thread after death.

Hunter – The Hunter may send me one name every DAY and NIGHT of somebody they would like to kill if they themselves are killed during that specific time period. Once they have sent me a pick they cannot change it until the next time period. They are not required to send me their pick at any particular time of the DAY or NIGHT, just as long as it is before I post the closing/opening narration. They may pick the same person over and over again or they may pick a different person each time as they wish. If they are killed they remain in the Dead Thread.

Ranger – The Ranger can protect players from being killed or turned during the NIGHT phase. The Ranger can self-protect and protect the same person multiple times in a row. However, unlike previous Dead Thread games, the Ranger does not have the power to resurrect. If the Ranger is killed they cannot return from the Dead Thread. The Ranger does not stop the Visitor who Leaves from leaving. The Ranger could, through some gargantuan screw up prevent the Visitor who Dies from dying…I imagine the Good Wizard will be very angry at that point.
I made the changes to the sequential protection of the same person rule and granted the ability to protect an ordo from being turned into a wolf because taking away the resurrection ability made the rule seem very lackluster.

Good Wizard – The Good Wizard will be discussed in the Wizard section.

Visitor – The Visitor will be discussed in the Visitor section.

The Wolves

There is a single wolf pack. It is a standard wolf pack in almost all respects except for how it is generated. The maximum number of wolves is three.

The Wizards

There is a Good Wizard and an Evil Wizard. They are the driving force behind much of the game. They are the only two roles that are assigned by me at the start of the game. They cannot be killed by normal means; they must be killed by each other in a Wizard’s Duel (which should be thought of as being pronounced Weeeeeezaaaaard’s Duuuuel in a ridiculous high pitched voice) in which both of them will perish. The specific mechanics of the Wizard’s Duel are as follows:

First, the challenging wizard must possess confirmed information (as in, I the Mod know that they know) as to the identity of their opponent. That way the phantom could not just spam challenge everyone in the thread and then claim that he has successfully taken out the opposing wizard.

Second, the challenge must happen during the DAY and cannot happen before DAY THREE.

Third, the challenge MUST be bolded in red and state the name of the player you are challenging to a Wizard’s Duel.

For example, the Evil Wizard could say Kuruharan, I challenge you to a Wizard’s Duel!!!.

At that point the Evil Wizard will feel quite sheepish because I’m not playing the game and they just revealed themselves to the Good Wizard.

However, placing the correct name in the challenge will trigger the challenge.

Once a challenge has been issued by either Wizard, neither the Good Wizard or Evil Wizard may post again! They both immediately go to the Dead Thread…where they will (hopefully) continue making life for the inmates there as amusing as possible.

I will do my best to post the Duel Narrative as quickly as possible. Cooperation from the Wizards in this regard by notifying me the NIGHT before they intend to challenge would be appreciated.

If the Good Wizard and Evil Wizard target the same person, nothing happens.

The Good Wizard – The Good Wizard creates the Hunter, the Ranger and the two Visitors. The picks do not have to be made sequentially but may be made in any order the Good Wizard chooses. On NIGHTS when a Gifted is not created the Good Wizard may scry the role of a player. The Good Wizard is informed of the current role of the target exactly.

If the Good Wizard picks a wolf for converting into a Gifted that pick is deterred but the Good Wizard keeps that pick for future use; the pick is not lost. There is one exception to this, but that will be discussed in the Visitor section.

If the Good Wizard attempts any sort of action (scrying, Gifting, etc.) on the Evil Wizard, the Good Wizard is informed of the identity of the Evil Wizard. This opens the door for the Good Wizard to challenge the Evil Wizard.

The Good Wizard is never in direct communication with the Gifteds, nor are the Gifteds ever in communication with each other. The Good Wizard may send messages via the Mod to the Gifteds. The Good Wizard may not share their own identity or the identity of the other Gifteds. If they wanted me to do that I would just not include that part of the message. This communication is RPed as dreams that occur during the NIGHT phase. If a Gifted is killed the Good Wizard cannot replace them.

The Good Wizard cannot communicate across the barrier of death. However, inside the Dead Thread the Good Wizard may PM freely with the Hunter and the Ranger if they are in the Dead Thread. A Good Wizard in the Dead Thread may not at any point PM with a Visitor who also happens to be in the Dead Thread.

The Evil Wizard – The Evil Wizard may pick up to 3 wolves in total during the NIGHTly phases. The Evil Wizard is under no obligation to expend all three wolf picks on sequential NIGHTS but may use NIGHTS for scrying even if they have wolf picks still in reserve.

On NIGHTS when a wolf is not created the Evil Wizard may scry the role of a target in quest of finding the Good Wizard. That is the only information the Evil Wizard will learn. If the Evil Wizard scrys a Gifted the Gifted role is not revealed to the Evil Wizard.

If the Evil Wizard scrys or attempts to convert the Good Wizard, the Evil Wizard is informed of the identity of the Good Wizard. This opens the door for the Evil Wizard to challenge the Good Wizard.

If the Evil Wizard picks a Gifted for converting into a wolf that pick is deterred but the Evil Wizard still keeps that pick for future use. It is not lost.

Generally speaking, the Evil Wizard is the only one of the wolves from whom I will accept a kill pick. There might be a situation where the Evil Wizard might designate somebody as a spokeswolf to me but we will hash that out ourselves if it arises.

The Evil Wizard may make kills solo once they have created a wolf (in a scenario where the Evil Wizard has lost all their wolves). This rule applies even if the Evil Wizard has wolf picks in reserve that have not been used yet but is for some reason on his/her own.

The Evil Wizard and wolves are able to PM each other during the NIGHT phase. Their identities are not a secret from each other and there are no re-conversions from one side to another in this game. If a wolf is killed in the game and the Evil Wizard has expended all three picks in creating wolves, no further wolves may be created.

The Evil Wizard cannot communicate with the wolves across the barrier of death, but may continue PMing the other wolves at any time if they are both in the Dead Thread.

The Visitors

There are two Visitors: The Visitor who Leaves and the Visitor who Dies. Their winning conditions are ambiguous.

The Visitor roles are the only ones who may resurrect to the Living Thread from the Dead Thread.

Both Visitors are created by the Good Wizard. Once the Visitor enters the Dead Thread they will remain there for a DAY/NIGHT cycle. They will then return to the Living Thread at the next available DAY cycle, assuming the game is still ongoing. This is not a Lover role. The Visitors are guaranteed to return if the game continues.

When the Visitors return they are now classified as Ghosts. Ghosts do not count as part of the final tally for victory condition purposes. The Visitors remain in the Living Thread and can vote for one DAY but then they return to the Dead Thread permanently.

The Visitor who Leaves – The Visitor who Leaves is sent by the Good Wizard IMMEDIATELY to the Dead Thread. Obviously they will discover their new role pretty quickly.

The Visitor who Dies – The Visitor who Dies remains in the Living Thread until death comes by some other means. They are NOT informed of their change in role until the narration announcing their return from the Dead Thread to the Living Thread.

There is nothing preventing the Good Wizard from inadvertently picking wolves as either Visitor. If this happens this does not change the alignment of the wolf. That wolf is still a baddie and victory and defeat for that player is still determined on that basis.

Neither Wizard may be selected as a Visitor. Neither may either the Hunter or the Ranger be selected as a Visitor.

Order of NIGHTly Activities:

ALL actions possible to be taken during a NIGHT are assumed to have happened. This is important to understand because, for example, the Good Wizard picks a player as the Visitor who Leaves and the Wolves kill that Visitor that same NIGHT that player is still the Visitor who Leaves and would still return to the Living Thread even though the narration will initially imply a wolf kill.

I want to emphasize that I am still open to and happy to accept suggestions to improve the rules of this setup.

N.B. One thing I am thinking of changing is to give the Evil Wizard the option to create four wolves rather than just three, but the maximum number of wolves at any one time will still be three.

I also want to note that I don’t think this is feasible unless we get at minimum 13-15 players. If we can’t accumulate that number I don’t want to run this setup because I don’t think it will work.

For those who have already signed up (or implied that you would sign up) please affirm that here in this thread.

Also, please continue any rules discussion related to this specific game here in this thread.

Shastanis Althreduin
Eomer of the Rohirrim
Morsul the Dark
Legate of Amon Lanc
Pervencia Took

EDIT: This is obviously the admin thread. I ALWAYS forget to put something important in the title.

EDIT 2: Have made some minor rule changes as suggested in the thread.

EDIT 3: Further rule modification
...finding a path that cannot be found, walking a road that cannot be seen, climbing a ladder that was never placed, or reading a paragraph that has no...

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