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Originally Posted by William Cloud Hicklin View Post
Anyone who thinks Shadow of Mordor has any connection to Tolkien whatsoever beyond some nomenclature licensed from the Tower of Orzaentz should be legally barred from ever touching a Tolkien-oriented project.
The thing about SoM is you play it, and you go 'yeah, I can see what they're trying for here, it's not where I'd take it but it's a reasonable guess at Orc society in Mordor'... and then you take on another main storyline mission and find out that (uh, spoilers I guess?) Gollum is Celebrimbor's biggest fan, or Talion the Half-Nazgul is super down with helping orcs for some reason, or Sauron's war-leaders all hide somewhere and never go near their troops unless someone kills their favourite pig or whatever.

And then you go 'wut'.

(Also it becomes increasingly clear that the developers think Eregion was in Mordor, which is all manner of messed up.)

Originally Posted by Zigūr View Post
I wonder if they saved or lost money by splitting the project into three films when it was originally meant to be two.
You'd also need to wonder whether they made more money by adding the extra stuff. Ignore the extra tickets just from having three films - how many people did they draw in by having Cate Blanchett and Christopher Lee in there? They're both popular actors; I'm sure they sold a few seats. (And in contrast, I doubt very many people went 'well, I was all for it when it was two movies, but three? They're not getting my money!'. Maybe some, though.)

Also there's all the money they must have made from the theme park... what? Whaddaya mean there wasn't one? But... the barrel ride! The thing with the molten gold! DoS was blatantly an advert for their big rollercoasters!

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