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What comes to those who wait . . .

Originally Posted by William Cloud Hicklin View Post
... And since the deal was made without Christopher it's almost certainly for the whole damn legendarium.
It sure looks that way. From Wikipedia:

A synopsis released in January 2021 revealed that ... by July [2020], Amazon had gained access to certain elements and passages from The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales due to the Tolkien Estate being happy with the development of the series so far.
In light of the above, I think we can fairly assume that Amazon studios have already begun "interpreting" (i.e., encroaching upon) the Tolkien legendarium and will continue to do so. Then, as per typical movie-industry practices, lawyers will argue and judges will decide the distribution of profits, if any, resulting from the billion-dollar exercise in "entertainment."

At any rate, I understand that teaser trailers and a pilot episode will debut sometime before the end of this year; and, depending upon the viewing audience's reactions, we will no doubt see "changes of direction" (meaning, recasting of certain roles or deletion of them, etc.) that the "creative" executive producers will choose to make prior to the first season's episodes beginning to "steam" (not a misspelling) in early September of 2022. Not all that long to wait now for at least "something."
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