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I see Mithadan mentioned the old EZ Board Barrow Downs Forum. I did join in those days with my EZ Board 'global' account and posted a few times in existing threads. I'm thinking July/August 2000 or thereabouts. Can't remember what the threads were about, and I would drop in and be gone for periods of time (which describes my whole history with Barrow Downs over the last twenty years). Having been an old 'book' guy from the 70's, I only rekindled my Middle Earth flame when I heard some rumor in 1999 that there was a movie being made. The first place on the webz I found was The One Ring dot com and I became a regular there from the first of 2000 until I started looking elsewhere. That was when I found Barrow Downs, Entmoot, and Minas Tirith.

My pattern was to 'go rangering' around between the boards and see what interesting discussions were happening. I will admit that I was one who got lost when Barrow Downs moved from EZ Board, as I returned to look for them and they could not be found on the EZ globe. I did rediscover the 'new Barrow Downs' and re-registered in 2002. One of the big draws of this place over most of the others is the name does not even get a mention in the PJ movies, so the general membership tended to be (from my perspective) more book-orientated. Always loved the comfortable 'dark' theme that has remained unchanged through the years too.

I have made one good friend from being here. Natalia, who went by the name of Lush here. I have been in semi-regular contact through the years since meeting in some discussion thread here. I've followed her journalism career and watched her son grow from an infant to a solid young man. I have been enjoyng her 'geolocation' puzzles she posts on her newsletter.

I remember getting some Barrow Downs coffee mugs and a T-shirt way back when. The coffee mugs ar elong gone, one dying on the kitchen floor not long after getting them, and the other I lost track of in a divorce. I still have the T-shirt, and because I always ordered them in XL, it still fits! In the time I've been here, I have gone from a working professional raising kids to a comfortbly retired old grandfather coot whose grandchildren are graduating high school and are in college. I still have less than a thousand posts, but I'll be here until the end.... of either me or the board, whichever comes first.

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