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White Tree Password

This is a new game. I freely admit to having stolen the idea from another Tolkien board. The rules are as follows:

1. The questioner gives a series of questions, each leading to an answer (which the questioner will confirm when guessed).

2. The first letters of the answers form the Password (see example below).

3. Traditionally, the questions can be (but aren't required to be) on the tricksy side, and can include “cryptic clues”, as well summarized by The Saucepan Man here (i.e., anagrams, synonyms, "sounds like" clues, etc.)

4. The first person to guess the “Password” wins the game, although you still have to solve any remaining questions.

5. Once the game gets going (if it does get going), you’re allowed to tinker with Rule #2. [

Simple example:

(1) Noldor, Sindar or Vanyar.
(2) First Telerin deserter.
(3) Monsters of the Last Desert.
(4) Not a man, to the Witch King’s regret.


(1) Elf.
(2) Lenwë.
(3) Wereworms.
(4) Éowyn.

Password: ELWË.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Here’s a first puzzle:

(1) The Nostradamus of Brethil, last seen hurling a sad prophecy.
(2) City that played the Stones’ hits.
(3) Young star of Gondor, or a confused pet rodent?
(4) From Edith to Priscilla.
(5) (She was) gold on top, silver on the bottom.
(6) Fair land between two rivers, did Peregrin visit here when muddled?
(7) It flows from . . . here.
(8) Soul man with a broken crown, figuratively. Lightning was spotted there.
(9) Scholar, linguist, poet of the Elder Days. But he didn’t smoke a pipe.
(10) One needs to be a porter to pass here.

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